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Chip Reid seemed to have stumped Barack Obama during the press conference today with this question about Obama’s new economic plan, announced this week. Given that the administration’s economic stimulus plan in February 2009 consisted of infrastructure spending and targeted tax breaks, why are Obama and Democrats so reluctant to call it another stimulus package? Obama replied that a President should always look for ways to stimulate job growth, but declined to answer the actual question:

President Obama has “no problem” with the idea that he’s trying to stimulate the economy. He’s just not quite willing to call his new economic proposals a stimulus.

Obama repeatedly avoided using the word during his Friday news conference, using a grab bag of other terms to describe the $787 billion package that passed in 2009 and the White House’s fresh infrastructure spending proposal.

Asked by Chip Reid of CBS to explain why officials have tried to “avoid the word ‘stimulus’ like the plague,” Obama defended the first wave of recovery spending enacted last year.

He called it an “economic plan.”

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