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  Your both going the same direction so why fight them on a leash- direct their energy Dsc_01321_fnh7 where YOU want to go.  Your dog is perfectly happy following his pack leader. With these new dog/human exercise rigs you can do that and more.


Using any wheeled vehicle to road work your dog is a dicy matter since the dog is usually OUT FRONT or ALONG SIDE on a FLEXIBLE line connected to them at one point- thus allowing the dog to go where he wants within the length of that line- at angles away from your direction of travel- and when he reaches that unpredictable limit the force on your trajectory is shocking-  the chances are this WILL at some point cause injury to the owner AND dog.

These designs place the dog on the side and in the rear (for multiple dogs) under an

outrigger bar which resticts their movement to strait ahead AND it also allows you to tap into the dogs energy by allowing him to pull/mush. 


All these rigs are fundamentally human powered so the rider can get exercise by doing all of the work and letting the dog just keep up,  but its a whole new sport when you the dog has the drive to pull- its Urban Mushing !  With precision steering control (no commands necessary) and a concise controlled footprint for use in the high density urban environment. Its a real teamwork sport that will have you both working/sporting towards a common destination, each tuned into the others energy level, develping a maturity for cooperation, and appreciation of motivational level. This actually makes dogs more valuable and has application as a whole new type of service dog. 

The dog is supported side to side so as to not contact the bar and vertically in case of a stumble. And the motion is safe since it is strait line under a slight load (4-5 lbs of pull necessary- with a 180 lb. rider- to hold the rig at speed - on packed dirt or pavement- once the rider kicks to get it rolling).  There is just enough slack in the rigging for normal turns without placing any downward/upward loads on the dog.

Turft2doggalmov_c631 Or course this is NOT the only way to exercise your dog and only caring owners need apply with often periods letting the dog out of the system for breaks. And dog/rider weight ratios need to be seriously considered.

The TRIKE system is totally stable with powerful steering and braking. The scooter is quite safe but with enough riding skills required to be a mild sport. Each quality rig can handle up to 3 dogs. Prices start at $550 which includes shipping.

contact WWW.DOGPOWEREDSCOOTER.COM  541-383-3845 Bend, Oregon