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David Townsend First Ward Council Candidate Releases Campaign Slogan

  I was asked to provide a campaign slogan for my campaign for Gloucester City Council, First Ward. The above phrase came to mind because no matter how one feels about how the city is progressing, we must always strive to do better and thus become greater.

  A Greater Gloucester City is where people who want to move, live, raise a family and conduct business. It is a place where people want to invest their time, energy and money, and a place where people want to have grown up and yes, grow old.

  A Greater Gloucester City provides optimal services so that the city looks its best, feels safe to its residents and welcoming to its visitors. This would encourage those looking to be homeowners to consider moving here.

  A Greater Gloucester markets its location convenient to Philadelphia, the airport and all of the major highways and promotes the town’s rich history and developing waterfront, its reasonable and varied housing, successful schools, diverse neighborhoods, burgeoning restaurant scene and friendly, helpful and involved residents.

  A Greater Gloucester City is business friendly, streamlines the process towards opening a business, is reasonable with regards to fees, etc. and while it encourages new enterprises it is not beholden to them. That is to say we want business to come here but not at the expense of our quality of life.

  A Greater Gloucester City enforces the laws already on the books in a consistent and reasonable manner with a focus on the ordinances that affect the quality of life such as noise, property maintenance, unsupervised kids (of all ages) and public disturbances.

  A Greater Gloucester City is proactive when it comes to how it cleans and maintains its properties so that when residents/businesses are cited for the same they have little argument. Our residents will rarely have to call and complain about such issues because the department heads are on top of it.

   I’m Dave Townsend, Independent Candidate for the Gloucester City Council (Firstt Ward), and I am seeking your vote in the general election.

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