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Greetings, all of you fantasy football fans! Welcome back to my little slice of the world  here on Cleary’s Notebook. I sincerely hope that everyone had a better “off season” than I did.

I was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus in November, 2009. My fight began in late January, 2010. It was a struggle but I am on the mend now, & pleased to say that I haven’t smoked in 213 days.

I’d like to give thanks to two people who’ve been instrumental in helping me through this difficult illness. Steve Healey, who just started writing Where Is Steve’s Shoe?, for Cleary’s, is my partner in crime, wing man, and all around Other Brother. I also want to thank my wife, Dawn Watson, who owns Brother of the Wolf LLC and writes ‘Pet Tips of the Week’ and ‘Just Sayin’’ for Cleary’s Notebook. Dawn is a rock and has been there for me through this whole ordeal. I’ve really put that “better or worse” thing to the test.

I thank them both. I know I would not have accomplished as much as I have without their love and support.


Thanks to all of you for allowing me to share that. Now let’s talk some football!


We’re all aware of the first pick issue between Chris Johnson (RB – TEN) and Adrian Peterson (RB – MIN). My thought on this is to take Peterson. He’s more proven than Johnson and he will again play at least half of his games in a dome. Add to that, Tennessee has a rougher schedule this year and that makes for Peterson being a safer pick at one. The top 5 is completed by Jones-Drew, Ray Rice and Frank Gore.


At Quarterback this year I like Manning in the top spot, followed by Rogers, Romo, Brady and Brees. Taking Brees 5th is not a mistake here. The toughest thing to do in football is to repeat as Super Bowl champs. For that reason I really don’t like any Saints this year. Rogers has his full complement of receivers back as does Romo plus Dez Bryant. I like them both better than Brees.


Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Miles Austin, Roddy White and Randy Moss are my top 5 at WR. Each of them brings savvy and experience to the field and all should do well.


Dallas Clark, Antonio Gates, Jermichael Finley, Vernon Davis and Jason Witten are my top 5 at Tight End. They will all do more than enough to warrant picking them for your team.


As far as rookies are concerned Dez White (WR – DAL) C.J.Spiller (RB – BUF) and Ryan Matthews (RB – SD) should be immediate impact players.


Locally, Kevin Kolb should do ok as long as the fans are aware of the support needed for a first time quarterback. LaShonn McCoy will be good with the backing of newly acquired Mike Bell and the steady Leonard Weaver. I actually think Maclin will have a better year than DeSean Jackson. Brett Celeck goes way back with Kolb and they room together on the road. You can’t do much better than David Akers. The Philly Defense should be in the top 10 again this year.


That’s all I have for this week. I’m really looking forward to this season. Please look for this column each week in Cleary’s Notebook. Now is the time for your comments and questions. I’m here to help with your season and I look forward to the ‘back and forth’ that we started last year. I’ll address the questions and comments as early as possible.


Thanks for reading.


Dan “Snake” Watson