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The Bed Bugs Are Coming. Are You Ready?

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Bed bugs are becoming increasingly common and are starting to show up in more places than nasty hotel rooms. Just last week, a woman reported being bitten at the AMC Empire 25 theater in Times Square and experts warn that they’re on the rise in cities across the US. We talked to Changlu Wang, an urban entomologist at Rutgers who specializes in urban pest control, for the scoop on the bed bug situation in Philly and what we can all do to avoid becoming a nighttime buffet.

Q: What is the bed bug situation in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia right now? Do we have it as bad as other states?
A: Just like any in other major city, I think the cases are increasing, slowly but steadily. The number of cases will be increasing in the next decade or maybe longer.

Q: Why are they on the rise?
A: First, it is very difficult to control [bed bugs] and secondly, many people are unaware of the bed bug situation so they spread unintentionally. For example, furniture, clothing, traveling… all these cases can help spread bed bugs.

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