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Gloucester City News Headlines August 26 issue
A Lion and a Patriot on the battle field

Mt. Ephraim: Squad 45 Assists at MVA Rescue in West Collingswood Heights

Friday, August 20, 2010


At 12:26 hours on August 20, 2010, Squads 1-1 and 45 were dispatched to the 800 block of Black Horse Pike for a MVA with entrapment. When 101 arrived, he advised Camden County that two occupants were still in the vehicle and the driver would needed be extricated. A third passenger had removed himself from the vehicle prior to FD arrival.

101 also noted that the incident to be on the West Collingswood Heights side of the pike. Station 15-2 was then dispatched. Squad 1-1 arrived, stabilized the vehicle and set up a hoseline for suppression while BLS assessed the passengers.

Squad 45 arrived and assisted Audubon with extrication operations. BLS removed the passenger in the front seat and transported to the hospital. Crews utilized a ram to displace the dashboard which the driver was pinned beneath and hydraulic cutters for removal of the driver-side rear door as well as the "B" post so EMS could access and remove the patient. The driver was extricated within 15 minutes from arrival of Squad 45. Units cleared from the scene at 13:14 hours.

Story and photos by Capt. J. Vilardo


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