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Meandering with Mark Matthews: A New Gas Station, Gino's is Trying, I can't Drive, Canals

By Mark Matthews

A new Gas Station is moving in:
We lovingly remember the spot next to Ponzio’s as the home of the Gino Giant when Gino’s was a regional hamburger and clip_image002chicken fast food restaurant. Then it spent many years as a Roy Rogers restaurant. (Are they still on the Turnpike or Expressway?). Then a few years ago one of our favorite eating places became an Amoco gas Station… but then quickly closed.

Well the “closed more than open” gas station has gotten freshly painted, and the pumps are bearing the logo of its newest tenant. The much loved BP Oil is opening up soon! With the leak in the gulf finally plugged, will you be making the new BP Oil a regular stop? Now remember, most of these stations are owned by independent business people who have nothing to do with polluting the gulf. Comments, your thoughts.

Gino’s is trying to make a comeback
In related news… Gino’s is trying to make a comeback! A King of Prussia company owns the rights to the restaurant and has been selling franchises to bring the Gino Giant back to the Philadelphia area. The first restaurant.
The Gino’s site:
Blog on the KOP store:

I can’t drive… Fifty Five! (My apologies to Sammy Hagar)
clip_image004Bellmawr residents living near the 7-11 point at Browning and Creek Road have apparently had enough with cars speeding through these 25 mph roads. They have taken matters into their own hands to remind motorists of the speed limit, as evident by the photo below.

There are actually two signs located on telephone poles situated between 7-11 and Tosti’s bakery, one on Browning Road and the other on Creek Road. (actually, its 4 signs, as care was taken to have it read in both directions).

I do agree that these roads can become speedster roads. On Browning road I have gotten so bothered by people riding inches from my rear bumper near the cemetery that I’ll pull over to the side to let them pass me, hoping that it wakes them up to what they are doing (and maybe they get yelled at by their spouses “I told you, you were driving too fast!”)

Canal’s goes Solar
I noticed this earlier in the year, but today while at the Club Diner across the street I grabbed a picture with my iPhone andclip_image006

decided to comment on it. The Bellmawr Joe Canals on the Black Horse Pike has installed Solar Cells on the roof of the building to offset what has to be enormous energy bills to keep all of the beverages ice cold! Despite all of the negativity New Jersey receives, it is actually a leader in pushing for alternative energy and solar installations with several rebate programs in place. (Are they still?). I couldn’t find much detail on the project, so I may have to stop in at Canal’s for a “Research” mission. And while I am there maybe grab a refreshment or two.

And speaking of Canal’s… who remembers the Dentist office that was located on part of the property? I remember going there as a kid and getting to pick a small toy out of the cardboard treasure chest on the way out!

What is this?

I have lived in Bellmawr my entire life, and have been blogging about the town and region for several years. I have been posting my thoughts and information at a few different websites but most recently I had taken a break. My most recent set of blogs aren’t even online any longer.

Bill Cleary has always been supportive of my commentary by posting links to my blogs and helping drive a lot of readers to them.

Recently he asked me in a very short email… “would you like to have a column here at Cleary’s Notebook?”. There wasn’t much more to the offer than that. I thought it through… and here we go. I do like having Bill’s editorial expertise reviewing my writings before I make a fool of myself. No promises on how often I post.

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