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Hunting and Fishing: Blue Collar Conservation, Feral Hogs,


What is “Blue Collar Conservation?”

by Anthony Mauro Sr.

1. Understanding the workings of conservation/intelligent design in ecosystem function and health

Participation in fishing & hunting as a means of deepening this awareness through hands-on involvement in conservation (sustainable use of natural resources)

3. Educating others about the merits of conservation and unionizing outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen to advance this understanding into public policy.

The practice of Blue Collar Conservation is the foundation for a culture of ecology, which is a remedy environmental health.

Learn how you can become a blue collar conservationist by inviting the NJOA to make a presentation to members of your outdoor club. It's free.

This presentation is for anglers, hunters, foresters, marine biologists, bird watchers, hikers, bikers - anyone who loves the outdoors. Don’t go greengo blue. Become a “blue collar conservationist.”

Contact me for more details: [email protected]


Feral Hog Permit Available

The NJDEP's Division of Fish and Wildlife has issued a Special Wildlife Management Permit to control feral hogs in Deer Management Zone 25. Hunters do not need a separate permit to pursue hogs in this zone. They need only have their regular hunting licenses and deer permits necessary to hunt deer during the applicable seasons.

Feral hogs may be pursued during the season dates prescribed for DMZ 25 and may be harvested anywhere in the zone. Free-ranging feral hogs of either gender and any age are legal game while deer hunting during the Fall Bow, Permit Bow, Six-day Firearm, Permit Muzzleloader, Permit Shotgun and Winter Bow seasons, provided the hunter has not reached the bag limit for the deer season(s) which is/are open and for which the hunter has the required license and deer permit(s).

For more information on the hunting of feral hogs in DMZ 25, visit on the division's website.


Migratory Birds Hunting Dates

The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife has posted the 2010-2011 Migratory Bird Regulations booklet, along with two feature articles, on its website.

The booklet contains season dates and bag limits, as well as regulations governing the hunting of migratory birds.

The two articles are by division biologist Ted Nichols and cover not only this season's prospects and regulation changes, but how season dates are actually selected for migratory birds.

The articles and regulations booklet are all linked from the main Waterfowl page, . The print version of the booklet will be available at license agents later this month.


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