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Erin’s Secret Garden (6-5) Unitis- Sean trying to make up for a failed high school career.

Tummy Tee ( 7-5 ) Collins- Defending champs? Rumor has it Jerry has been doing a bit too much celebrating; not sure if he is in playing shape.

Gaetano’s ( 9-5 ) Fahy, Sharyky- Fahy afraid to play after Sharky meltdown in Wiffle Palooza four years ago.

Jeep MacAdams ( 7-5 ) MacAdams, Ainsley- Humes says his back still hurts from carrying Ainsley

Barth Accounting ( 8-5 ) Scully, Walker- A couple disappointing years…over the hill??

Shoprite ( 9-5 ) Herman, Baker- Always a slug fest with Herman on the mound.

Sal & Pats ( 2-1 )  Blackiston, Darrow- Jean back hoping for a championship dinner!

Bellmawr Storage ( 2-1 ) Rebstocks- Kevin + Lauren = less commitment to wiffleball.

Lipkins ( 3-1 ) Cooper, Lindsay, Thompson- Trey might have to show Coop how to hit the weight room.

McCanns Funeral Home ( 3-1 ) Mudhens, Harrum, Reagle- As long as there is beer they are here to play.

MacAdams Insurance ( 4-1 ) Scott Mac, Miller- Rumor has it they have finally found a ringer, now if they could only get rid of the dead weight (Scott).

Carpenters Local ( 4-1 ) Lyna- Will the training pay off or is he too naïve?

Community Chiro ( 5-1 ) O’Donnell, Chiodi, Dunn- Where’s the keg?

Labbree Reality ( 5-1 ) Linborn, Ziegler- Let the kids play, they are better!

John’s Tickets ( 5-1 ) Driscoll, Gartland- Non-factor for years…but have been getting younger.

Bill Dilks ( 5-1 ) Calzonetti and Eli Brothers- Rams never win….

Gloucester City LL ( 6-1 ) Deptford Guys- Had a great run last year and now know what to expect.

Memorial AA ( 6-1 ) MacAdams, Lathrop, Spencer- Less work = more focus for Tom, lets see what he can do!

Westbrook Lanes ( 7-1 ) McKibban, McKinney, Castagna- Just hoping their pitcher can hit the screen once!

Brooklawn Citgo ( 7-1 ) Cumminsky, Chiggs- Hopefully Wayne “Marla Hooch” Cumminsky can pull his weight for once.

Carr’s ( 7-1 ) Dominic- We appreciate the help, but he won’t last long.

Sorrentino’s ( 7-1 ) Connors- Wish they could hit like they can argue.

Ben’s Barber ( 8-1 ) Cook, Gregory- I hear Chris is coming up with a game plan with all that down time at work.

Bernie’s Tire ( 9-1 ) Coxe, Beri- Too scared to show!

C & J Auto ( 9-1 ) Eller- Hoping that knee can get him into the top 25 this year!

Sportz Central ( 9-1 ) Mondile & Ironbirds- Hopefully Steve leaves it to the kids!

Fed Ex ( 9-1 ) Norton, Steel- Hopefully Steel hits better then he refs.

Etherington’s Funeral Home ( 10-1 ) James Gang- Not going to “fight the good fight” here…2 and BBQ.

Brooklawn Legion ( 10-1 ) Mader, Shears, Radicki, Melchiore- Maybe they can win a game this year!

Kentucky Fried Chicken (10-1)MacAdams, Bieisel- Let’s see if Evan can recapture those little league years.

Metro Diner ( 10-1 ) Ostrum-  The “Brooklawn Bully” is back now he just needs to win a game!

Gloucester City News ( 10-1 ) Albert will try to regain some of that chuck taylor magic.

Taco Bell ( 11-1 ) Gillen- If there’s a fire on the grill, we’re covered.

Not NECCESARILY the opinions of the public….GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

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