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Letters: Is no one listening ?

100_2694 As a resident of Gloucester City I am disgusted with some things around here.I will start  off with the homeless camping out in Proprietor's park.For about 3 weeks now we have seen as many as 5 homeless camping out in the park.I contacted the City Clerk's office last week and reported what I have witnessed in the park.I know times are hard on some but why are these people allowed to sleep in our park.Last week I witnessed a male homeless person exposing himself at the park.They are pooping behind trees and are drinking in the park.

Photos of the two men sleeping on the benches (top and below) were taken at Proprietors Park, King and Jersey Ave., on Tuesday afternoon,  July 19, 2010

How can we invite people to our city when they have to climb over the homeless in our beautiful park.

We also need to find a way to clean up our streets.I have lived in many states here in America and I am puzzled about trash on our streets.There needs to be rules about overflowing trash cans.All trash cans needs to have lids.Fines should be imposed upon 100_2696 those who fail to use proper covered trash cans.It is not too hard to put out an extra trash can if you have a large family.Our streets are covered with trash on trash pick up days.Cans fall over and the trash ends up on our streets.Someone needs to contact Westville and see what they have done with their trash cans.

Our side streets are not being cleaned by the City. I live on Cumberland & Willow. We the residents clean Willow street as it is not being cleaned by the City.There needs to be a renters handbook given out to all renters. And we need a 3 strikes and you’re out law for landlords who take in rough tenants.

I would also like to know when Dublin on the Delaware is starting.I suggest the city straighten out their many problems before they plan anything else.This side of the tracks is turning into a Slum.

Thank you Ken Doyle

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