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CHEER-Mt. Ephraim Police Sgt. Brian Conte brave and hard work resulted in the arrest of a suspect who robbed the PNC Bank. As a result of his efforts the money was returned to the bank and there was no one injured. CNB tower AD

JEER-Drivers that honk horns when a light changes. Drivers that do not slow down when turning onto a street. Drivers that do not stop at stop signs. And to pedestrians that walk out in front of a car expecting the driver to stop without saying thank you when he/she does. It always seems that there is never a police officer nearby when these things happen.

CHEER-To the Gloucester City Beautification Committee for the great job on the Community Garden. This effort really brings life back to that vacant lot at Market and Atlantic Streets. It shows how much of a difference people can make when they work together. It also shows that there are a lot more good things happening in Gloucester City then bad.

JEER-Shame on the people of this city that ignore the dog waste clean-up ordinances! When you are taking your dog for a walk CLEAN UP AFTER FIDO ELIMINATES!

CHEER-Gloucester Catholic baseball team and the Gloucester Catholic softball team each won the NJSIAA Non-Pubic B State championships in June. Showing once again Gloucester City is home of Champions. Congrats also to their coaches Dennis Barth (boys), Joe Matranga (girls).

JEER-To all those who could not respect the right of the Stewart boy to express his opinion. At his tender age he sees life's picture in a small frame. He is influenced by what he sees and hears around him. His experience is profound and most of us can't share it. No matter what your position with respect to the layoff issue you could have spoken to this young man in the same manner as you would have spoken to your own son. You could have agreed or disagreed and yet expressed your feelings philosophically and gently so that this young man would not feel threatened or offended. Shame on the bullies and cynics.

CHEER- To Harvard Avenue ‘s good neighbor Tom and to all the Tom’s throughout the City for taking the time to put back the empty trash cans to their rightful owners left in the streets by employees of  the Waste Management Co. God Bless them.

JEER-To employees of Waste Management for leaving the empty trash cans and recycling buckets in the street after they empty them. It would take you two seconds more to put them up on the curb. Can't someone in the City  talk to this contractor about this ongoing complaint. They, Waste Management, don't do that in other communities why then are they disrespecting  Gloucester City residents. You come home after work you have to get out of the car and move the trash can out of the street so you can park your car. Or you are driving down a street and a empty trash can, left there by a Waste Management employee,  is blocking the road.

CHEER-To Gloucester City High School’s Will Thom for winning the coaches award in track. It was his first year. So proud of you, we love you the family. Also hats off to all the other students that won awards.

JEER-To those business owners and residents along the Broadway that have allowed weeds to grow around these trees and in the empty tree spaces. It would be nice if everyone would take a moment out of their day to water the newly planted trees that go’s for home owners also as well as business owners.

CHEER-The Broadway streetscape project looks great and Kudos to the businesses/residents who maintain their part of the sidewalk and areas around the newly planted trees.

CHEER-To the 7th & Market St. 'hood’ for picking up and shutting up! They pick up trash others leave behind and throw it away without complaining or writing a letter.

JEER-British Petroleum (BP) should have had better precautionary measures in place to contain oil spills. And our government should have seen to it that these measures were in place.

CHEER-Because of tough financial times, the City of Gloucester City and the Borough of Bellmawr were forced to cut some 4th of July plans. Up stepped Leo Holt, of Holt Logistics who donated $15,000 to Gloucester City for its fireworks display. And in Bellmawr, Charles Gallub and Mike Esposito of Bellmawr Waterfront Development donated $8000 so the Borough could have its celebration.

CHEER-The owner of the Lane and Thompson Avenue apartments for cutting down those ugly tall bushes/weeds that stood in front of the property for so many years. The tall bushes blocked the sidewalk for pedestrians and the view of drivers of oncoming traffic.

JEER-The SHARK organization (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) have a beef with Leo Holt and have chosen Gloucester City’s 4th of July celebration to demonstrate because he is sponsoring the fireworks. Why bring the people of Gloucester City into your argument with Holt. March in front of his marine terminal on King Street or go to Packer Avenue in Philly.

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