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The first letter that I had written covered suggestions for the Gloucester City Fire Department.  The first part of the letter 6a00d8341bf7d953ef01157153a790970b-200wi said that we would like to see the Fire Dept run by the county and backed up with vollies and leave a paid 24/7 ambulance within GC.   We still believe this would be the best case,  with this there would be no job loss and everybody who benefits from this service would be paying for it period.

I also followed this up by saying that we believed that the residents that pay for this service should decide its outcome. This was taken by the paid guys as I wanted to abolish the GCFD altogether. There immediate response was to boycott mine and other business's in town who they believe share this perceived view of totally abolishing the GCFD. There boycott has only hurt there cause, at a time when they should be reaching out for help they are trying to hurt the very people who pay them.

So this morning I received at my business a pamphlet asking for help which I find astonishing.  In this they refer to cost cutting measures,  one that really catches my eye is they have taken on vehicle maintenance. Now first let me state I do not want this work. But I would be qualified if I did, as a business owner I like all other business owners in the automotive industry have to carry liability insurance and be certified to perform certain repairs. I know that I am not qualified to be a fireman and I do not know the extent of the repair work being performed by the fireman. But I do have to wonder are they certified for what they are doing and are they covered in the event of an injury due to improper training in the automotive field.

Being in this business my staff and I are in a constant state of education to stay up with all new safety standards and repair procedures. I am sure this will be taken as a negative but this dept can't bully or boycott me anymore so lets have an honest debate.

Yours sincerely Dave Stallwood

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