Our Long National Obamacare Nightmare is Just Beginning
Eva S. Berry, of Gloucester City, Devoted St. Mary Parishioner, GHS Alumni Class of ‘43

Regarding Comments to ClearysNoteBook (CNB)

Oldie00051 It's great to see the discourse that occurs following our articles. Many of the comments are insightful and prompt healthy discussions which challenge our way of thinking. This is what healthy debate should do. When someone challenges our position with facts, our position is strengthened when we are forced to rethink it and defend it. 

But calling someone ugly names because they support a position different from yours is not healthy discourse. Neither is calling someone a liar because they hold a different point of view or subscribe to a different philosophy. 

There seems to be a growing cacophony of posters who threaten others and call for violence; who demean others or resort to racial slurs; who seek to shout down those with whom they disagree.

St Mary School

This does nothing to promote the conversation. Nor does it endear your position to those you'd most like to sway. 

We love to hear from everyone, no matter what race or creed, no matter what religion Oldie00057 you practice or don't, and no matter what side of the issue you are on. That is the definition of liberty and something we hold dear. But we will remove comments that use foul language, racial slurs or other useless slander that only serves to detract from the site. 

We ask all of you to help keep our site civil. By all means voice your opinion and let others know that you agree or disagree with them, but don't be childish. And remember, if you can't support your position without resorting to ad hominem attacks, maybe you need to reconsider the validity of your position.

Thank You!


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