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Letters: Disgusted with Gloucester city government

Re: The New Permit Parking Law

I live in the  200 block of Morris Street and a lot of times I have to park on 6a00d8341bf7d953ef011570924c58970b-200wi King well I have a company van which isn’t register to me well the government here says they won’t give me a permit because the van isn’t mine. Now I’ve worked hard all my life as a carpet installer and one of the perks is getting a company van now because of Gloucester city government I can’t have my van.

I pay my taxes own my home so my reward from this city is to take something away from me that I’ve worked my balls off to achieve it isn’t right

I park my pick up in front of my house even during sweeper day. I move it to park my company van when I’m done work, have dinner , shower , then at 730 move pick up back put van on King and leave for work 7 in the morning.

So at $25 a week and $100 a month I can keep my eye on my perk of having a company vehicle. Thank you Gloucester City government and hey $1,200 for a parking space, can I claim that on my taxes next year??

And hey I’ll sweep my own front yard beings as the only thing the sweeper does is move my dirt next door and so forth down the road.

Oh and hey my son stops by for lunch no parking available on Morris Street plenty on King Street guess he has to park a block and a half away??

Christmas morning can my family park on King to come see us??? My daughters friend has a car, wants to stay overnight, she has to park a block and a half away when there’s plenty of spots 100 feet from my house on King do you feel that’s safe for your daughter?? I don’t.

John Krimmel    

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