City of Gloucester City: Authorizing Waiver of Permit Fees
City of Gloucester City: Accepting a $7000 Grant from NJDEP for Trees

City of Gloucester City: Resolution Reducing Salary and Opt Out Benefits by 20%


NOTE: From Councilman Dan Spencer, March 22, 2010


I believe in a recent article, you said it costs @$80,000 for benefits and/or Opt Out for the 7 members of the Governing Body.

At this point in time, I do not know the exact figure, but what I do know is that I DO NOT take the City benefits nor do I receive Opt Out in lieu of the benefits.

Also, at the recent Caucus meeting, the Mayor proposed we take a 20% reduction in our compensation. I also agreed to this.

I am sure the Mayor will be doing an article about the reduction for Mayor and Council.

Also, I am donating my $1,000 Council salary to the St. Mary School Development Fund. (well now $800, I will put up the other $200)