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Pet Tip of the Week


Teaching Your Dog Tricks

  Pets are part of our family. A good way to really show Fido off is to teach him a few simple tricks to impress your friends! 

  Trick training using food rewards is fast and easy. It provides mental stimulation for your dog and most simple tricks can be taught in under 20 minutes. Here are two basic tricks to get you started:

  The Bow

  1. Put your dog into a “sit”
  2. Hold a treat in your hand, eye-level to the dog and lower it to the floor as you say, “Take a bow”.
  3. Bring the treat back up to the dog’s eye-level.

  Keep repeating these three steps until Fido will accomplish the fete with just your hand signal.




High Five

  1. Teach your dog to touch your hand by saying, “Touch”. Do this 10 times; praising each time Fido accomplishes the fete.
  2. Gradually raise your hand higher and say, “Touch five”. Do this 10 times; praising each time Fido accomplishes the fete.
  3. Turn your hand so that your palm faces the dog and raise it so that it is level to his chest. Instead of “Touch five” change it to “High five!” Now you’ve got something to brag about!


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