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By Anthony P. Mauro, Sr

The New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation is pleased to welcome Cape May County Party & Charter Boat Association to its diverse council membership.

Cape May County Party & Charter Boat Association is an organization made up of many local boats  

located at the southern jersey shore, from Ocean City to Cape May. It joins an expanding group of influential conservation organizations that comprise the NJOACF Council. NJOACF is dedicated to advancing sound conservation policy in Trenton. We employ a full time government affairs group to work in conjunction with the NJOACF Council and volunteer force of officers, managers and representatives to make New Jersey a "conservation" state.

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On behalf of all NJOACF and its supporters I'd like to welcome Cape May County Party & Charter Boat Association to our council! You may learn more abut their organization by visiting their website:

NJOACF Council:

Reef Rescue * NJ State Federation Sportsmen's Clubs * Jersey Coast Anglers Association * Trout Unlimited * National Wild Turkey Federation * NJ Beach Buggy Association * Hudson River Fishermen's Association * United Bow Hunters NJ * New Jersey Council Diving Clubs * NJ Trappers Association * NJ Forestry Association * Society of American Foresters * Quail Unlimited * Ruffed Grouse Society * National Animal Interest Alliance Trust * Greater Point Pleasant Charter Boat Association * Cape May County Party & Charter Boat Association * New Jersey Outdoor Alliance



Saturday March 20, 2010 from Noon to 2:00 PM

The seminar will provide information about the missions, goals and objectives of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation and New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Environmental Projects. 

Presentations will be made by the trustees, co-founders, professionals, experts and more. They'll speak about the contributions of fishing, hunting, forestry and conservation practices to the health of New Jersey's ecosystems and their major economic contributions to New Jersey's economy and employment. You'll hear about pending legislation that affects our ability to enjoy the outdoors. You'll have an opportunity to ask questions of the people that have fought and advanced our outdoor freedoms in Trenton and get "first hand" answers!

More information with be forthcoming but save the date and time:

S221 "Pots Off the Reefs" scheduled for 2nd reading in the Senate on February 22, 2010 at 2:00pm. In the senate chambers!
A few weeks ago the NJOA and a number of NJOACF council members, including divers, hunters and other conservation organizations, attended the senate committee hearing in support of the "Pots Off the Reefs" bill. The NJOA and NJOACF have been aggressively advancing the bill on behalf of recreational anglers for two years with exceptional efforts by council members Reef Rescue, JCAA, HRFA, NJBBA, NJCDC, NJSFSC, etc.
Director, Division of Fish and Wildlife, testified in favor of the bill. Both NJ DEP and NJ DFW have written to Pete Grimbilas, President, NJOACF and Anthony Mauro, Chair, NJOACF, stating that the commercial gear must be removed from the reefs in order to remain in compliance with Wallop Breaux objectives. Bill Figley made an excellent presentation of the facts that support removal of the "Traps off the reefs."
Senator Smith referenced the compelling aspects of Mr. Figley's testimony and noted that recreational anglers range in number between 600,000 and 1,000,000 the higher number taking transients into consideration.
The reefs are intended for hook-and-line and spear fishing. According to Director Chanda, failure to adhere to the objectives of federal law (Wallop-Breaux) exposes the state to financial penalties that may be imposed retroactively. These Sport Fish Restoration funds are funded by an excise tax on recreational fishing purchases and federal law mandates that these funds be used for the benefit recreational fisheries. 
The bill is now scheduled for a vote in the senate. The NJOACF will keep you apprised of its progress.

*The author is Chairman of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation, New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Environmental Projects 

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