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Mayor’s Corner: Update on Solar Panels Being Erected in Gloucester City

The Mayors Corner
This past week a number of people inquired about the solar panels being erected in Gloucester City by Public Service Gas and Electric. We contacted Mayor James for information yesterday and received this response from him today (Friday). 


The solar panels are part of a program authorized by the Board of Public IMG00070-20100224-1102 Utilities whereby PSEG are required to save on energy production through use of projects such as solar, wind etc. to decrease their energy production by 20 percent by 2020.  There are 293 scheduled to go up in Gloucester City as well as all communities throughout the state.  (Some 200,000 of them) $5.7 million project costs.

PHOTO: The solar panel being hung on telephone poles in various locations of the city is approximately 3 foot x 5 foot. photo by Steve Skipton

We were not notified of the project or the selected locations and as soon as I could I issued a stop work order and demanded a meeting with PSE&G representatives which was held today (Friday) at 2 PM at the municipal building.

At the meeting Mike Coyle the PSE&G municipal relations person assigned to our area first apologized for not notifying us ahead of time and he explained the program which is occurring throughout the state.  He brought with him a map of the selected poles for solar installation with him which we determined to be somewhat inaccurate and we expressed our concerns with those placed along the Broadway Corridor in town as well as within the limits of our designated historical area.  We advised that we needed an updated map that was accurate as to pole selection and advised that we would work with them in identifying locations more practical that have less impact upon our streetscapes and that if this was not agreeable then the fight would be on. 

When PSE&G left the meeting they knew we were serious but also willing to work with them.   We cannot prohibit this project and we are not in the least benefiting from it.  Each solar panel provides 200 watts of power to the grid for PSE&G credits and in no way lessens our obligation which totals over 500,000 a year. 

I will keep you posted.

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