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Thomas A. O'Donnell, of Somers Point; Proud and Dedicated Gloucester Catholic Alumni
Give A Cheer to Mt. Ephraim Public Works Dept.


Here we go again. Another snowstorm and the streets of Gloucester City are a disgrace. Driving down Monmouth Street is Pine Grove Tower Adterrible, and so are most of the streets in Highland Park. What has happened to our Streets Department?

The plow went down the middle of our street twice. No cars were parked on one side, and they did not even get close to the curb. When we get two inches of snow the plows are out all the time, but the last two big ones no one showed up. For all the taxes we pay in this City I think they could have done a much better job. I am sure there are others in the City who agree with me.

Shirley Fox, Gloucester City

source Gloucester City News

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