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Gloucester City Mayor Applauds Firefighters for Containing Amspec Fire

By Sara Martino

NEWS Correspondent

Gloucester City Mayor William James applauded Gloucester City firefighters and all responders to the waterfront fire at Amspec Chemical on Water Street for their excellent firefighting and keeping the fire from spreading.

A Philadelphia fireboat and a Cherry Hill Haz Mat team were called to the scene during the early morning fire January 21 at the three-story building.

Dolson Family Catering

Officials said the cause of the five alarm fire is suspicious in origin.

“The fire is being investigated,” the mayor said.

Council approved a resolution in connection with the City’s Southport Redevelopment Project, Phase 1.

The issuance and sale of up to $5 million of taxable City-guaranteed project notes was first financed in 2005, and the resolution was made now in order to refinance the notes.

A new RCA inspector for the City was appointed, replacing the previous inspector supplied by Triad Associates.

“Our city inspections are up, and some of the costs are down, thanks to the funding from RCA,” the mayor said.

The governing body also amended Chapter 87 of the City Code to add one-hour parking on the east side of King Street. Currently, 15- minute parking is allowed.

The change was made to give the customers enough time to shop or conduct business in that area.

Councilman Daniel Spencer praised the Gloucester City School District and the School Board.

“I attended a Focus Group meeting and everything was handled professionally and well done,” he said.

He thanked Louisa Llewellyn and members of the Board of Education for their efforts and interest in the student’s education.

Board President Louisa Llewellyn Gloucester City High School was mentioned in the U.S. News & World Report.

“The Junior and Senior High School was selected as one of four schools in Camden County to be recognized and was awarded a bronze medal,” she said.

“We were chosen from out of 141 schools in the state who participated. Excellent scores and activities such as holding a Food Drive, Toys for Tots campaign and other civic events led to awarding of the bronze medal,” Ms. Llewellyn said.

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