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TIPS AND SNIPPETS: Medicare Cuts, ABBOTT Districts, Rams, Girl Scouts, Speak Up, Help St. Mary


Medicare Cuts Now/Health Care 3 Years Away... How many of you were aware that if the legislation that provides health care access for all Americans is signed into law those without insurance will have to wait another three years before the bill becomes 6a00d8341bf7d953ef011571114c5a970c-800wi law.

According to The Associated Press under the Democratic bills, federal tax credits to help make health insurance affordable for millions of low- and middle-income households won't start flowing until 2013 -- after the next presidential election. But Medicare cuts and a sizable chunk of the tax increases to pay for the overhaul kick in immediately.

The eat-your-vegetables-first approach is causing heartburn for some Democrats. Three years is a long time to wait for dessert, and opponents could capitalize on misgivings about the complex legislation to undo what would be a signature achievement for Obama says The Associated Press.

Question…why then is the Democrat Majority so anxious to pass this legislation now, without the public or the Republican Minority having a chance to read the bill first. Anyone have an answer?

ABBOTT School Districts…A new documentary film (The Cartel) detailing shortcomings of the New Jersey public education system has won acclamation at local film festivals and is getting a chance to be seen by the public. The film runs about 90 minutes and focuses on several of the 31 Abbott districts -- poorer, mostly urban districts, including Camden.

Producer Bob Bowdon, who is also a journalist states, "When money is coming from the state, there is a disconnect between who gives the money and who spends the money. That's a waste. You can have 29 percent of that money being wasted, and it doesn't enrage people because it's coming from the state."

Bowdon believes ABBOTT districts spend money wastefully because if they don't spend every penny they won't get even more money the following year.

For example Gloucester City an Abbott District spent $218,000 this year on stadium lights to play four night time football games. The district also received ABBOTT funds to build a $20 million gym constructed three years ago. There was nothing wrong with the old gym, which is still being used,  except it needed a new floor. Presently Gloucester City School Board is waiting for $67 million from the state to build a Middle School. When the Middle School was first proposed the construction costs was $20 million. Millions were spent by taxpayers to clear the former industrial site of contaminants. The four block area, once the home for 70 families and one neighborhood business, has been sitting vacant for several years now waiting for construction funds from a state that is bankrupt.

Would the taxpayers of Gloucester City allow these types of expenditures if it was coming out of the local school budget? I don’t think so. Wake up people; the State is actually you and I the New Jersey taxpayers who foot the bill for this poorly run program.

When the New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation ran out of money and left a number of school districts such as Gloucester City in the lurch over schools that had been approved but not yet funded and built, it retooled and re-emerged as the Schools Development Authority.

THE CARTEL is playing at AMC theatres in Cherry Hill, Elizabeth, and Menlo Park, and at the Showroom in Asbury Park. For more information, visit

RAMS State Champion Team to be honored… The Gloucester Catholic High School community will honor the school’s 1979 Parochial B State Championship football team Oct. 24 at the Gloucester City High School Field, Market Street and Route 130.

The ceremony will take place during halftime of the Rams game against Cumberland Regional @10:30 am. All players, coaches and staff are cordially invited to attend this celebration. More information contact Anthony Pacifico @ [email protected] or Coach Tom Iacovone @ [email protected]

Local Girl Scout Troop Needs a Meeting Place… Helen John a Girl Scout Leader and Troop Organizer in the town of Gloucester City and a few other towns is looking for a place to meet. Large enough for 50 plus girls. If anyone out there knows of any place for us to go please let me know [email protected] or 856-349-2031.

YOU ARE INVITED…As a first step in developing a rebirth of community participation in Gloucester City School District planning, the Gloucester City Board of Education is sponsoring “Speak Up, Gloucester City” on October 22. The event will be held at the Gloucester City High School Media Center, Market Street and Rt. 130 at 7 p.m.

SAINT MARY School/Business Community Perfect Together…The grammar school is asking for 300 businesses, which serve the Gloucester City Community to consider pledging the annual sum of $300 to St. Mary School. Your annual donation will help preserve and sustain the St. Mary Community in Gloucester City, which is crucial to our city’s vitality. Contact Dawn Burkhardt, Saint Mary’s School Director of Advancement, at 856-456-0913 with any questions.

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