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New Jersey’s Firearms Advisory Task Force to Issue Report on Newly Enacted “One-Gun-A-Month” Law

National Rifle Association

Please Stand-Up and Make Your Voices Heard!

On Thursday, September 24 the Firearms Advisory Task Force will hold a public hearing at 11 a.m. in Committee Room 4 in the State House Annex, adjacent to the State House.

The Task Force was created by Governor Jon Corzine’s (D) Executive Order 145 which directs the Task Force to consider New Jersey’s firearms laws, in particular the recently signed “one gun a month” bill. The hearing will focus on the new law, its exceptions for collectors of handgun and retailers, consideration of other exceptions and provide possible recommendations for any legislative changes to ensure that collectors and sportsmen are not adversely impacted by the new law.

The NRA encourages all Second Amendment advocates to attend the public hearing and make your voices heard.

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