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Gloucester City Planning Board Approves Waiver for New Tavern

By Linda Boker-Angelo

NEWS Correspondent

After a lengthy debate, members of the Gloucester City Planning Board voted last week to grant a site plan waiver and parking variance for a new bar on Jersey Avenue.

The applicant, JK Venture Enterprises LLC, originally received approval for a site plan waiver in May 2007, with the condition that final drawings, building dimensions and other pertinent information be provided to the Board.

However, Board Planner Larry Waetzman and Engineer Norman Rodgers, of Consulting Engineer Services, said that the applicant did not submit any of the required information regarding the plans.

Waetzman also said that the addition of an outdoor stairwell added an extra six feet to the length of the building, making the structure 106 long instead of the proposed 100 feet.

The applicant testified that the City Building Inspector approved the change in plans, which arose due to a problem during construction.

Inspector Joseph Stecklair confirmed that he gave the go-ahead for the change.

An attorney for JK Venture stated that he had considered all such changes “as built” situations, and said he planned to submit all required final drawings and information once construction on the site was complete.

Additionally, there was a discrepancy in the ownership of a small strip of land in the middle of the applicant’s property.

The applicant and his attorney maintained that the piece of property is included in the lot owned by JK Venture, but was not included in the original legal description supplied to the board.

The attorney offered to indemnify, or hold harmless, the City of any responsibility should a problem arise due to the discrepancy.

The Board finally decided to approve the site plan waiver and grant a parking variance with the following stipulations:

The applicant must 1) submit a corrected survey and title report; 2) indemnify the city of any liability; 3) submit a revised drawing; and 4) not receive deliveries from any truck longer than 24 feet.

Board members also approved two applications for emergency roof repairs submitted by property owners in the Historic District.

Permission for repairs was granted for properties in the 100 block of Middlesex Street and the 100 block of Burlington Street.

The Board will meet again at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 16 in City Hall, 313 Monmouth St.

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