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By Sara Martino

GLOUCESTER CITY-“We have always strived to please our customers with economical prices in our Hardware Store. Now, with the decline in the economy, our customers are more attune in spending their money, and they know we have always tried to save them a $1 or $2,” said Frank Carr.

Frank along with his mother, Jean and his sisters Sue and Kathy, provide special service to their customers whether they come in for one light bulb or one 012908_2150_GloucesterC1 set of screws. One customer, Joe Matter, was in the store looking for a couple of 6’ screws, Frank went to the aisle and immediately had what Joe wanted.

PHOTO: Frank Carr stocking store shelves 

“We enjoy helping our customers at Carr’s” said Tom Neunheuser, who is a city resident and a part-time employee. Dave Quicksell is another part-time employee.

Larger home supply stores would not be able to provide just a few single items; instead customers would have to buy a whole pack. “Every item is in plain view and we offer one-on-one assistance,” said Frank.

Carr’s will try to order special items for people. Brigid Lacey Rossi was a customer that needed an item for her jewelry business on Bergen Street and Frank immediately ordered it for her. Frank uses the computer to check on his stock and to order the store’s supplies

The hardware store had it’s beginning around 1966 on Monmouth Street with Grandfather Frank Carr and continued with Frank Jr. and Frank the III. Carr’s moved to 22 N. Broadway in 1974.

Thanks to the Gloucester City UEZ Program, funding was received to replace the old cedar shakes on the overhang in front of the building, with vinyl siding and new signage.

The work was installed by a local contractor. “We support our businesses in town and they make many purchases in our store,” said Jean. “Our customers, both local and out of town, are true-hearted people. We are here to help them,” she said.

Recommendations and expert advice is freely given to customers who have questions pertaining to a special home project. Gardening, canning, home repair, plumbing, etc. are some of the necessities that are stocked in the store.

Seasonal items such as pool supplies, pond supplies, beach chairs are on hand. In the winter there is an abundance of holiday items including toboggans.

In addition to all the cost-saving items, Carr’s Hardware also partakes of the reduced sales tax of 3.5 percent. Such items as “Grandma’s Lye Soap and an old, old advertisement on the counter featuring “Gorilla, the toughest tape on the planet” stating that it really works, also can be an indication of the long- 100_0793lasting dedication of Carr’s Hardware to their customers.

“We have a family sense of pride and plan to remain in Gloucester City. Our hope is to see a striving community again,” Frank and Jean said.


22 North Broadway, Gloucester City

(856) 456-8442



Gloucester City Urban Enterprize Zone (UEZ)

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