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Your Prayers Are Needed

Note: The writer Sister Razia Khushi, a Catholic nun, lives in Pakistan. She is a friend of Cathi Gottert, a retired Gloucester City public school teacher who forwarded the letter to ClearysNoteBook to share with our readers. After reading how Sister Razia lives it makes one think how lucky we are to live in America. We take so much for granted. If you have a moment say a prayer for Razia. Thank you, Bill

Hi, i am just back from the church were we had Mass offering for the persecuted Christians in a slums were about 300 families. This place is about 22 minutes drive from our Convent. Last night at 2 a-m the slum was attacked some fighting was going on between the Christians and Muslims, they were trying to make peace but quietly they are prepared something else also.

Police was told that Christians are facing difficulties but no response so an army of Fundamentalist came to attack poor Christians locked their home and ran away some family stayed still the morning light on the trees and many children are missing. They came in group and with very dangerous chemicals all the homes were set on fire evening today father Simon from our parish and many priest came from near by parishes to see but not a soul was around all the Christians had ran away tried to keep their young daughters safe.

Nothing is left everything was burnt with chemical its just melted like plastic. poor animals too died. Two churches too have been burned but there is no news on BBC can me imagine we are not counted in the country we are nothing and we have no defense only God. Two family had wedding of their daughters so all the dowry is burned poor parents kill themselves to provide dowry to their daughters if they cannot the daughters will never get married.Police did nothing they just watch everything.

The fundamentalist have blocked all the round and no one was allowed to enter the slums, no none form Movement has coming forward to see what has its pity and unbelievable. But when Muslims are in other country they demand for their rights but we as citizen have no rights nor we are recognized as citizens of this country. The persecution is going on all time but its never on the TV. From 300 families Our parish priest found three people who came us some news in this slum the reason why these three were still in the slum because one very old lady is blind and not able to walk second one very very sick and is paralyzed and her husband too is not able to walk. From three hundred families only three old and sick people we meet.

Everyone want to go and console them but there is no one its will take them many many years to build their home again and imagine old and sick people. We are going to have Mass again on Sunday its a day of prayer and fast again our defense is ONLY GOD. Please keep us in your prayers we feel next is our place but we got to trust and prayer the Lord will take care of us and He does.  Thank you in advance for your support through prayers love

Sister Razia Khushi