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Gloucester City Headlines for July 16th

TIPS AND SNIPPETS: Cheerleaders Bar, D'Place Zone, Auld Dubliner, Conrail, Holt Marine Terminals

By Bill Cleary

SNIPPET- I received an Email recently from someone inquiring about Cheerleaders,Cheerleaders   the go-go bar at Rt. 130 and Klemm Avenue being open.

If you recall the state Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) revoked the owner’s license following a horrific traffic accident involving a patron of Cheerleaders, Humberto Herrera-Salas. The owners appealed the ABC’s decision. In November 2008 the appellate court agreed that the bar served alcohol to Herrera-Salas, even though he was intoxicated.

According to court documents on April 15, 2000, Herrera-Salas was ejected from the bar and drove south in the northbound lanes of Route 130, crashing head-on into another car.

Robert, 42, and Patricia Reed, 40, of Gloucester City were killed and two other people in their car were seriously injured.

Herrera-Salas was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

The person wrote, “Last November the State Appellate Court gave the owners of the Gloucester City bar six months to sell its license. Eight months have passed. Recently Mayor and Council renewed their liquor license for another year. What gives?

According to City Police Lt. George Berglund, the owners appealed the November court decision. “Until that appeal is decided the bar is allowed to remain open”.

TIP-New owners are taking over the former O’Malley’s Tavern located two blocks from Cheerleaders near the entrance of the Meadow Brook housing project. D’Place (Lo nuevo de D’Place) will feature dancing and Latin music along with Latin and American Cuisine. According to their website, the restaurant’s menu will include their famous Cuban sandwich including all American specialties. General Managers, Aramis Ramirez and Francia Carrion. More information about the bar can be found here:

TIP-The Auld Dubliner, 157 S. Burlington Street, Gloucester City  closed its doors... for the summer.  The message on their website reads. We thank you for all of your support and will see you in the fall!!  Thank you and have a great summer.  I hope there isn't anything wrong. Maybe the owners just need a vacation. The South Camden Theater Company fund raiser planned for this coming weekend at the Auld Dubliner has been cancelled as a result of the bar closing.

CORRECTION-The new owner of O’Donnell’s Restaurant, Broadway and Warren Street, said he is not changing the name of O’Donnell’s, a popular bar and landmark in Gloucester City for many years. In a previous column it was reported that the name was being changed to Paddy D., which is incorrect.

6a00d8341bf7d953ef010536e84695970b-800wi  SNIPPETS-Happy to report the old railroad ties, and empty tar buckets left by Conrail workers along Johnson Blvd. and Klemm Avenue have finally been removed. If you recall ClearysNoteBook posted a SNIPPET  criticizing Conrail for trashing our City along with a few pictures of the area during the month of January.

Now if we could only get Conrail to clean up the trash and cut the grass near the railroad tracks that run through the center of the City. Every summer Gloucester City residents have to put up with the same unsightly weeds. Eventually around the end of July middle of August the weeds will have their yearly trim.

QUESTION- Since the City is leasing the former Coast Guard building on King Street to the Holt Corporation are taxpayers paying for the new roof that is being installed on the building?

“No”, said City Administrator Jack Lipsett. “The city is not paying for the roof.  From what I have been told Holt will be paying for it.”

QUESTION-I have seen several trucks labeled "Radioactive Waste" departing from the HOLT Marine Terminal Essex Street entrance in the past week. Can you call HOLT and ask what is going on? Thank you!!

According to former Chief of Police Bill Johnson, who is now head of security at Holt’s Marine Terminal in Gloucester City, “there are no trucks coming or going from the complex carrying Radioactive Waste or Hazardous Waste. The person may be confusing the trucks with the vehicles used by Waste Management, who removes trash from the terminal. I assure you there are no radioactive or hazardous waste being stored on the property.

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