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Petdocs We love our pets at MedHelp and know that many of our members search for the same medical information and support for their pets that they do for
themselves. That is why MedHelp is very pleased to welcome PetDocsOnCall as our newest Partner. PetDocsOnCall is the largest and most professional group of veterinarians on the Internet and includes veterinary surgeons, dentists, internists, cancer specialists, animal behaviorists, and exotic animal specialists who are all dedicated to improving the health of your pet.

MedHelp Pet Health Forums are a place where pet owners can get answers about their pets' health from licensed veterinarians. More than 30 highly skilled Veterinarians from PetDocsOnCall are now available to answer questions for MedHelp members every day. We know that your health and the health of your loved ones (including pets) are important and we will continue to be here for you and all members of your family!


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Behavior Problems & Therapy Nutrition Management

Cancer in Pets Pregnancy & Pediatrics

Dentistry Skin Problems

Equine Medicine & Behavior Surgery