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Gloucester City High Graduates Receive Awards & Scholarships

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Gloucester City Junior-Senior High School Class of 2009 graduated 146 students on Monday, June 22.

The following is a list of students from the Class of 2009 whom received awards and local scholarships that were presented during the senior luncheon and commencement ceremonies.

Academic Awards: Service to School, $125 Lions Club-Philip Gross, Sherri Weatherley.

Charles M. Nash Memorial Award, $300 Lions Club (Leo Member)-Gavin Carpenter.

Service to School and Community, $125, Women’s Lions Auxiliary-Gavin Carpenter and Eric Gross.

Service Above Self, $125, Rotary Club-Cecilia Fedore.

Abraham and Hattie Brandt Community Service Award, Rotary Club, $50-Jessica Lindsay.

Allen M. Hubbs Memorial Award for Outstanding Honor Student and Athlete, $250, presented by his six sons and daughter-Brett Darrow and Kaylee Conner.

Loyalty, Scholarship, Achievement-Patrolmen’s Be-nevolent, $100-James Wesley Bucher and Mariah Barney.

Charles A. Gorman Award, Gorman Family-$100 & Plaque-Steven Harris.

Mary Ann Grant Award for Dedication, Hard Work & Perseverance, Brooklawn Board of Education, $100-Brett Darrow.

Citizenship, Scholarship, Attendance-VFW 3620, $100-Jesse Elder and Marisa Cooper.

Special Effort Award, St. Maurice Parish, $50-Patricia Barr.

Good School Citizenship-High School Administration, $50-Jennifer Gross.

Barry Hammel Award for Courage & Perseverance, High School Administration, Plaque-Daniel DeLaney.

World Class Vacations Scholarships, World Class Vacations, $250-Marissa Cooper.

Service to Yearbook, Fort Nassau Graphics, $100-Carl Hale.

Proficiency in Journalism, Gloucester City News, $50-Sarah Blake.

Outstanding Cooperative Education Student, Nash Engraving, $50-Rachel Dilks.

Service to Band in Memory of Henrietta Rickenbaugh, Band Mother, High School Administration, $25-Ashley-Rose Griffiths.

Service to Student Council-High School Administration, $50-Gavin Carpenter.

Excellence in Art-Art Club, $25-Mariah Barney, Patricia Barr, Justin Barton, Ariel Brooks, Aubrey Devonshire, Tabitha Dick, Amanda Ferry, Jennifer Gross, Laurel Hubbs, Samantha Richmond, Kyle Stewart, Leianne Pantalone.

Excellence in Drama-Drama Club, $50-Tiara Albaladejo, Sarah Blake, Kerri Ciccaglione, Judy Conner, Jesse Elder, Denise Huntsinger, Dylan Rebstock.

Joanne Gorman Memorial Award for Dedication & Perseverance, High School Secretaries, $50-Samantha Rodriquez.

Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholars-State of New Jersey, Certificate-Gavin Carpenter, Kerri Ciccaglione, Kaylee Conner, Marisa Cooper, Cecilia Fedore, Eric Gross, Kristen Jacobs, Jessica Lindsay, Samantha Rodriguez.

NJSIAA Recognition of Outstanding Scholastic Achievement, Athletic Leadership and Performance, Certificate-Brett Darrow and Jessica Lindsay.

Rose Program Scholastic Achievement Award, Marine Corps League, $300-John Alberta.

Scholarship Awards-Gloucester City Business Association Scholarship, $125-Paul Devereaux and Brittany Green.

Jim Kelly Memorial Scholarship, $450-Daniel DeLaney, Kyle Stewart, Wesley Bucher, and Brett Darrow.

Earl M. Moore Scholarship, $250-Daniel DeLaney.

Collingswood Cloud Lodge Scholarship, $500-Gavin Carpenter.

Gloucester City Rotary Club-Henry Evans Memorial Scholarship, $1,000-Shana Newhouse.

Sportsman Athletic Club Scholarship, $250-Jesse Elder and Jillian Stafford.

Louis D. Stief Memorial Scholarship, $500-Jessica Lindsey.

Gloucester City Education Association Scholarship, $500-Joseph Collins and Jillian Stafford.

William W. Yerkes, Sr. Memorial Scholarship, $200-Marisa Cooper.

Dorothy Sasse Scholarship, $100-Kaylee Conner.

Gloucester City Ponytail League Scholarship, $500-Jillian Stafford and Tabitha Dick.

Thomas G. Stewart III Memorial Scholarship c/o Gloucester City Professional Firefighters Union, $500-Gavin Carpenter.

Charles A. Harker Memorial Scholarship, $250-Jesse Elder.

Gloucester City High School Alumni Scholarship, $1000-Jean Marie Wiley, Marisa Cooper, Dylan Rebstock, Eric Gross; $500-Gavin Carpenter, Daniel Delaney, Erin MacAdams, Jennifer Gross, Denise Huntsinger.

Congressman Rob Andrews 1st Congressional District Scholarship, $300-Jean Marie Wiley.

Mary Ellen Kraft Memorial Scholarship, $1,000-Amanda Ferry.

Pine Grove Fire Association Mark G. McCourt Memorial Scholarship, $521-Daniel O’Brien.

Highland Park Volunteer Fire Association Scholarship, $1,250-Kerri Ciccaglione and Kristen Jacobs.

AFSCME Maintenance Local #3858 Scholarship, $100-Daniel O’Brien and Jean Marie Wiley.

Ladies of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, $200-Amanda Ferry.

Family & Friends of GHS Scholarship, $100-Steven Harris, Daniel DeLaney, Kaylee Connor, Jillian Stafford, Michael Beese, Colon Fitzpatrick, Ian Harter, Wesley Bucher, Jean Marie Wiley, John Herman, Kristen Jacobs, Samantha Rodriguez.

William Winegardener Soccer Scholarship-Gloucester City Youth Soccer League, $250-Paul Devereaux.

Gloucester City Mustang Jimmy Zearfoss Scholarship, $250-Ashley Lisanti.

David Martin Memorial Scholarship, $500-Kyle Stewart.

Harry P. Ferry Memorial Scholarship, $100-Amanda Ferry and Kyle Stewart.

Joanne Gorman Memorial Scholarship, $300-Marisa Cooper and Jessica Lindsey.

Franklin C. Carr Memorial Scholarship, $250-Jean Marie Wiley.

Anna Grabowski Scholarship, $3,000-Janet Lopez.

Marc Ryan Memorial Scholarship, $500-James Wesley Bucher and Kaylee Conner.

Harry Boulden Memorial Scholarship, $500-Marisa Cooper and Erin MacAdams.

Heroes to Hero Scholarship, $1,000-Jennifer Gross.

Carmen Palmiero Basketball League Scholarship, $500-Brett Darrow and Erin MacAdams.

Knights of Columbus Scholarship, $100-Michael Beese, James Wesley Bucher, and Paul Devereaux.

Jack Carlson Memorial Scholarship, $500-Sarah Blake and Carl Hale.

Mark Zieminski Scholarship, $300-Amanda Ferry.

Michael Reeves Memorial Scholarship, $500-Marisa Cooper and Ian Harter.

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows Amity Lodge Scholarship, $150-Sarah Blake.

Camden County Bar Association Scholarship, $250-John Bosco.

Memorial AA Scholarship, $250-James Wesley Bucher and Amanda Ferry.

Blue & Gold Law/Justice Scholarship, $1,000-Daniel O’Brien and Anthony Russo.

Mary Shade Gacek Memorial Scholarship, $1,000-Marisa Cooper; $500-Cecilia Fedore.

Art Scholarship in Memory of Earl Nazar, $500-Philip Gross.

Gloucester City Cultural Arts and Heritage Society, $30-Mariah Barney.

James “Zonk” Rodgers Memorial Scholarship, $200-Samuel Pierman.

Kasey Dawn Rebstock Memorial Scholarship, $100-Judith Conner.

New Jersey School Building and Grounds Association, Camden/Gloucester Chapter, $200-Colin Fitzpatrick.

James P. McNally Memorial Scholarship, $200-Samantha Burke, Mariah Barney, Aubrey Devonshire and Shannon Thomas.

Commencement Awards-Ralph J. Bracken Award for Perseverance & Dedication, Darrow Instruments, $50-Jillian Stafford.

James P. McNally Award-School Spirit, Loyalty and Citizenship-Brooklawn Wiffelball Reunion, $50-Erin MacAdams.

Class President Award-Sarracino Family, $25-Erin MacAdams.

Proficiency in English-High School Administration-Marisa Cooper.

Proficiency in Social Studies-High School Administration-Kyle Stewart.

Proficiency in Mathematics-High School Administration-Jessica Lindsay.

Proficiency in Science-High School Administration-Zachary Ritchie.

Proficiency in Technology Education-High School Administration-Zachary Ritchie.

Proficiency in Cultural Arts-High School Administration-Philip Gross.

Proficiency in Physical Education-High School Administration-Kyle Stewart.

Proficiency in Business Education-High School Administration-Eric Gross.

Outstanding Boy-Gavin Carpenter.

Outstanding Girls-Marisa Cooper and Jessica Lindsay.