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MADD Requests Review Of Repeat Offender Fatality Case

DALLAS—July 24, 2009 --MADD has sent the attached letter to the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct requesting the review of an important case by Judge Jerry Buckner of Parker County.

"It appears that the law was not followed in requiring an alcohol ignition interlock for an extremely high BAC conviction of an offender who later was the driver in a fatal crash, again with an extremely high BAC. It also appears that this case is not an isolated one, but rather part of a larger pattern of judges not requiring interlocks for high BAC and repeat offenders, as mandated by Texas law."

“Judge Buckner is entitled to due process in this proceeding, but Texans are entitled to be protected from repeat offenders,” said Laura Dean-Mooney, National President of MADD.

In addition, the President of the Texas Police Chiefs Association, David N. James, Chief of Police of Carrollton, Texas had the following statement: “The membership of the Texas Police Association strongly supports enforcement and prosecution of individuals who endanger the citizens of Texas by driving while intoxicated or impaired by substance abuse. TPCA continues to support legislative efforts to hold these criminals accountable for their destructive behavior. Our legislature has set forth adjudication guidelines for sentencing in extreme cases of intoxication and repeat offenders. The TPCA urges the judiciary to comply with these guidelines in order to preserve the safety of our citizens.”

Laura Dean- Mooney also stated “We look forward to learning the eventual decision of the Commission. In addition to judicial education, we are also asking for judicial accountability.”