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By Chris Concannon

NEWS Correspondent

Bellmawr Fire Department Chief Jim Burleigh (Station 32) recently unveiled the Department’s new Fire Safety House.

The trailer-drawn unit was purchased recently, following the receipt of a $23,500 grant from the Division of Homeland Security, Chief Burleigh said. It is designed to educate the community in fire safety, including tips in how to escape a fire in the home.

“The Fire Department is committed to investing in our youth today, to produce ‘fire safety’ aware adults,” Burleigh said.

Designed to mimic an actual house, the trailer consists of three of the most-used rooms in a home – the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

Various appliances are utilized to simulate actual incidents, including a fireplace, space heater and stove, as well as simulated “smoke,” giving the appearance of normal smoke conditions, in the event of an actual fire.

Some of the added features are a heated bedroom door, creating the effect of a fire on the other side, along with a TV monitor, so viewers can see exactly what is happening inside.

Burleigh said children are the most frequent victims of house fires. This camera system is a great way for them to see the inside activities, so they’re not scared to go in themselves.

He added that the mobility of the trailer will allow the Fire Department to teach both fire prevention and what to do when people are faced with a fire.

Burleigh said the Fire Department is very thankful to the Homeland Security Dept. for supporting their efforts in making the community safer.

Whereas the Camden County trailer is a split-level inside, this unit is one level throughout, enabling both children and adults to have the experience.

It is also ADA compliant, allowing for wheelchair access via a ramp at the main entrance. This is especially advantageous for the students of the LARC School, well known to the Bellmawr Fire Department, and a long-time commitment for Bellmawr’s late Mayor Anthony P. Infanti.

For information contact Burleigh at: [email protected].

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