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An open letter of appreciation to the good citizens of Gloucester City:

Gloucester City News-I’m a Ground Combat U.S. Marine Veteran who served in ’67 & ’68 in the Republic of Vietnam. On behalf of Veterans who commemorate our brothers and sisters who have served this great country of ours, I wish to thank the community who, as a whole, chose to fly our national colors in appropriate manner.

It is so refreshing to drive the streets of Gloucester City and see the American Flag flown on almost every porch and front lawn.

As a veteran I don’t need monuments, parades or a gushing thank you. Simply fly our flag. I can not express the disappointment that is clearly on the faces of my WWII Veteran’s friends when we march in a Memorial Day or Fourth of July parade day and march for blocks in some communities, only to see pennants with leaves or crab pots.

It does not take much. A simple twelve inch American flag in a flower pot will do just fine. So thank you Gloucester City. You make old Veterans swell with pride by a simple gesture.

Semper Fidelis

George Wise, Former SSGT USMC


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