City Planning Board Approves Auld Dubliner Parking Lot Plans

By Linda Boker-Angelo

NEWS Correspondent

(Gloucester City News 6/4)After a lengthy discussion, the Gloucester City Planning Board approved plans for a parking lot at the Auld Dubliner restaurant on Burlington Street.

Attorney Charles Wigginton presented the application, which called for the empty lot next to the eatery to be converted to a finished 41-space parking lot. Engineer Jerry Richter, of Lippincott and Jacobs, said the lot would be graded and stones would be put down as a foundation.

Plans for the restaurant were originally approved in July of 2007. Following considerable work on the building, Auld Dubliner opened in October 2008, and has had a very strong response from the public.

Several neighboring resi-dents testified that the Irish eatery has become the jewel of the neighborhood, and asked that the Board approve the owners’ plans.

The board granted the entire application, which included a parking varia-nce, stipulating that there is sufficient parking to acc-ommodate use of the buil-dings second floor as an additional restaurant area; a site plan waiver, allowing the project to be completed as proposed without further appearance before the Planning Board as long as any Board requirements and conditions are meant; and a sidewalk waiver, which will allow the applicants to put in small stones instead of concrete.

The Board also voted to approve two applications for scraping and painting of homes in the Historic District. Both properties are located on Monmouth Street, one in the 400 block and one in the 300 block.

Board Chairman Daniel Spencer reminded the public that residents whose homes are located in the Historic District need to apply to the City Historic Commission for approval of any painting, construc-tion or other outside im-provements prior to com-pleting any work.

Also, Board Planner Larry Waetzman, of the Waetzman Planning Group, spoke regarding the City’s Master Plan, which is due for review and revision.

The Municipal Land Use Law requires every munic-ipality to re-examine their master plan every six years. Gloucester City last re-evaluated its plan in 2003.

A public hearing will be held at the Board’s June meeting, which will begin the process of the reviewing the City’s plan.

The Board will meet again at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 17, in the City Hall, Monmouth Street.

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