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Nicholas Chiccini Helping Alex's Lemonade Stand

By John "Soles" Hillman

Alex Three- year- old Nicholas A Chiccini of Gloucester City has opened an “Alex Lemonade Stand” at Broadway and Monmouth Street, Gloucester City to raise money to fight cancer. Nicholas and his mother Isabella were selling lemonade at the intersection this past Sunday. And plan to be at the same area with their stand off and on throughout the summer.

PHOTO: Isabella and Nicholas Chiccini

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation evolved from a young cancer patient's front yard lemonade stand to a nationwide fundraising movement to find a cure for childhood cancer. Since Alexandra "Alex" Scott (1996-2004) set up her front-yard stand at the age of four, more than $25 million has been raised towards fulfilling her dream of finding a cure for all children with cancer.

Nicholas, the son of Michael and Isabella Chiccini, was diagnosed with leukemia in November 2007. His brother is James Fulmer.

Mrs. Chiccini explained what happen to change their life two years ago.  Alex 3

“On November 3, 2007 his skin color changed to yellow or jauntiest looking. His father and I rushed Nicholas to Kennedy Hospital in Washington Township. He had little red dots on his arm and sores in his mouth. From there he was transported to Children’s Hospital in Voorhees NJ.”

PHOTO: Nicholas with his friends

(photos by Soles 6/14)

“The doctors gave us the bad news, he had Leukemia.”

“For one month he remained in the hospital. Throughout those 4 weeks the doctors

worked to get Nicholas’s blood count under control. His doctor’s name is Dr. Greenbaum. Nicholas’s cancer is now in remission because of all the medicines and care given to him by Dr. Greenbaum and his staff at CHOP. If it wasn’t for the donations and everyone’s help my son wouldn’t be here selling lemonade for a cure to help the next child.”

“Nicholas is a beautiful child and we have been blessed to have him, and keep in our lives. He will be five-years-old on June 25th. We have seen so many children with cancer. So thank you to everyone for the donations and helping with our Alex’s Lemonade Stand. And thank you to Nicholas, Daniel Mankill, Denise, Monk, Zoey, Rusk, Steven Goover and the Monk family and friends.”

You can send donations to Alex’s Lemonade Stand in Nicholas’s name to Children’s Hospital, 1040 Laurel Oak Rd, Voorhees, NJ‎ attention Joan Roskie social worker.

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