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IS Gloucester City Water Dangerous to Pet Fish?

A Warning to Gloucester City Residents

6a00d8341c2c4e53ef00e553ca05ff8833-800wi Take heed and don’t make the mistake I made. As you may know, Gloucester City is in the process of building a new “water treatment” plant. Here’s my story. On Monday, the water in my fish pond was extremely low so I took the garden hose and filled it up. I then fed my eight gold fish that have lived in my pond for three years. After a couple hours, I went out in the yard to check on the water level and found eight “dead” fish.

Since I was shocked with my discovery, I phoned Bill’s Wonderland of Pets and told my story to a very attentive guy. He asked me where I lived and when I answered Gloucester City, he said, “want to hear a story?” He continued to tell me about a woman, who lives in Gloucester and that she breeds “Angel Fish” for the store and recently lost a couple of her tanks of fish. He then said there is very likely a problem with Gloucester’s water having too much chlorine and ammonia which killed the fish.

So, to anyone with tropical fish or backyard fish ponds, DO NOT change or add any Gloucester City water without first getting the water tested and treated!

A Sad Pet Owner

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