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Gloucester City Council Regular Meeting Agenda

Thursday, May 28, 2009, 8 P.M.


Images   Agenda

1. Call Meeting to Order:

2. Pledge of Allegiance:

3. Roll Call:

4. Open Public Meetings Act Notice: This meeting is being held in accordance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act, otherwise known as the “Sunshine Law.” It has been legally noticed in accordance with the law and copies have been given to those requesting the same.

5. Oaths of Office: Firefighters: Philip Kormann, David Engle, Shaun Dannenfelser, Robert Glassman, Kurt Dillon, Nicholas Schultz, Daniel Harkins

6. Proclamation: Gloucester High School Girls’ Basketball South Jersey Champions

7. Resolutions:

R138 To Correct Billing Charges on Utility Records

R139 Authorizing Senior and Veterans Deductions

R140 To Return Overpayments on Various Tax Records

R141 Authorizing Refunds on the Planning and Zoning Board Escrow Account

R142 Authorizing an Interlocal Services Agreement with Camden County 2006 and 2007 County Recycling Tonnage Rebate

R143 Adopting Emergency Temporary Budget Appropriations

R144 Authorizing that Budget Be Read by Title Only

8. Public Hearing: 2009 Municipal Budget for the City of Gloucester City

9. Ordinances: First Reading this evening; 2nd reading and public hearing to be held Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 7 PM in the City Hall:

O20 Amending Chapter 87 of the Gloucester City Code to Establish a New Subsection: §87-61 et seq.: Parking Permits

O21 Salary Ord. (CWA)

For 2nd reading and public hearing this evening:

O16 Anti-Graffiti Ordinance

O18 Amending Chapter 87, Article III, §87-16 of the Code of Gloucester City entitled Fifteen Minute Parking

O19 Amending Chapter 87 Of The Code Of Gloucester City Entitled Vehicle And Traffic, Section §87-9.1 Regarding “All Way Stop Intersections”

10. Old Business/New Business:

a) Bills paid from April 16, 2009 to May 20, 2009 $ 1,964,025.37

Bills to be approved on April 23, 2009 $ 426,348.07


Total amount being approved $ 2,390,373.44

11. Open Forum:

The Governing Body has approved the following rules governing the procedures of the Open (General) Public Forum: Any citizen or taxpayer wishing to address the Governing Body may do so after approaching the rail, stating his or her name and address and being recognized by the chair. Said citizen or taxpayer will then be permitted to address the Governing Body for five minutes. After all persons wishing to address the Governing Body have had the opportunity, persons may approach the rail for a second and final five-minute interval during this session

12. Adjournment:

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