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Mt. Ephraim School District to Run Child Care Program

June Happenings for Mt. Ephraim Public Schools

June Happenings:

3rd - Mary Bray Book Fair (3 - 4 pm & 6 - 8 pm)110507_1859_mtephraimpu1_2

4th - Mary Bray 1st Gr. Circus (1 pm), Mary Bray Book Fair (3 - 4 pm), PTO Burger King Cashola Night

8th - B.O.E. Meeting (7:30 pm) RWK Media Center

9th - Mary Bray Honor Roll Breakfast (Gr. 3 & 4) (8 to 8:30 am)

12th - Mary Bray Pre-K End of Year Celebration (9:30 am & 1:30 pm)

15th - Mary Bray Fun Day All Pre-school Students (8:30 – 11 AM)

15th & 16th Gr. K-8 (12:30 dismissal) PS - AM & PM session (8:30 – 11 am)

16th - Gr. 8 Graduation (6:30 pm) Tickets Required

17th – Last Day of School

Kershaw School - Final Exam Schedule

Gr. 8

Tuesday – 6/2/09 ( Language Arts)

Wednesday – 6/3/09 (Social Studies)

Friday – 6/5/09

( Math)

Monday – 6/8/09


Gr. 5, 6 & 7

Tuesday – 6/9/09 (5th Gr. – Science, 6th Gr. – Soc. Studies, 7th Gr. – Math) Wednesday – 6/10/09 (5th Gr. – Math, 6th Gr. – Science, 7th Gr. – Language)

Thursday – 6/11/09 (5th Gr. – Language,

6th Gr. – Math,

7th Gr. – Soc. Studies)

Friday – 6/12/09 (5th Gr. – Soc. Studies, 6th Gr. – Language, 7th Gr. – Science)


· If you are planning to move or change your address or phone number please contact the appropriate school: Mary Bray (931-7807 ext. 2) or Kershaw (931-1634 ext. 2).

· Homeroom assignments for the 2009-2010 school year will be sent home during the week of August 17th. Information concerning class assignments will not be available until that time. Student supply lists for September will be sent home with the student’s report card.

· School reopens on Wednesday, September 2nd. September 2nd and 3rd will be early dismissal days for grades K to 8 (12:30 dismissal time).

Used Computer Sale:

The Mt. Ephraim School District will be holding a used computer sale. The sale will be held on June 8 from 5:00 until 7:00pm in the Raymond W. Kershaw Multi-purpose room. All of the computers have Windows 98 as its operating system and are equipped with CD drives and floppy drives. They are complete with monitors, keyboards and mice - as well as wires to connect them. The computers have 64MB of Ram memory, and 6GB hard drive.  All of the computers will be sold, as is, for $30.

Mt. Ephraim School District Holds Registration for Latch Key Program

The Mt. Ephraim School District will be holding an information and registration session for the district run latch key program for the 2009-2010 school year on June 4th from 6:30 to 8:30. The information and registration session will take place at the Mary Bray School in the Media Center. The Shining Star Program will be conducted out of the Mary Bray School. The hours for the program are 7:00-8:30am and 3:00-6:00pm (12:30-6:00pm on half days). Shining Star operates according to the school calendar and is open during school hours. If the school is closed for any reason the program is closed.

The latch key program is open to all Mt. Ephraim school aged students. The payment schedule is below. For further information please call 856-931-4134 extension 2.


(per month)




One Child $89.00



No discount AM

$159.00 per child


(per month)

Sessions AM and PM 

One Child $238.00


$214.00 per child

Flex tickets

Session AM or PM

5 Tickets


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