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In Your Own Words: Kudos to Mr. Bittman & Lakes are Much Cleaner


17248 Mr. Emery Bittmann does a great job taking care of Cedar Grove Cemetery. The person that complained must be crazy. Does this person know how much work goes into taking care of the cemetery. It would be nice if all the churches gave a dollar once a month to help. It is just two people that take care of the place. Let’s think about it, Cedar Grove has people of all faiths buried there because it is affordable.

There are veterans buried there also. What does the developer think if a cemetery is too old and not taken care of, will it become condos? Let’s give support to Mr. Bittmann.

Stephen S. Trembach, Gloucester City


Cheers to the Lake Association. I know it seems like a hopeless job but, the lakes are so much cleaner and more attractive since the organization started. The fishing tournaments are just great. It’s nice to see our children enjoying the Lakes as we did. Kite flying, sledding, ice skating and fishing were just a few of the activities we enjoyed.

I was also lucky enough to be able to swim every summer day in the pond. The many amusements kept us busy all summer long. We played from dawn to dusk.

Barbara Rein, Gloucester City

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