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In Your Own Words: THANK YOU'S!
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In Your Own Words: How Dare You People


This is a retraction to a woman's call to Mr. Bob Bevan about 17248 the condition of Cedar Grove Cemetery. Of all the years I spent there, and to get this as thanks.

How dare some of you people go over my head and complain to Gloucester City that the grass is too high!

I have had this cemetery since December 17, 1994. No one came forth to help me then, and I don't want it now.

This year is no different than any other. We have never started cutting the grass prior to Easter week. I always wait until the flowers die off before we start cutting.

I go to the local florist shop and purchase all the bulbs from the flowers that did not sell. Then, we plant them at the headstones that do not have flowers or heirs. I do this out of my own pocket. You dare say I don't care!

Yes, I am outraged to hear this. The grass is far from being high. Just you wait until we all go broke – then you will see high grass. The cemetery trust fund, which is managed by PNC Bank Associates, has lost more than $42,000 in the stock market.

I have not said any thing about this until now, but that did not stop me from keeping the cemetery clean from the old Christmas decorations.

I have managed to keep one man (part time) in my employ over the past years. I cannot begin to say what I would have done, had I not had Tom Havers, a big thank you to Tom.

I used to get some very sizable donations from various people every year, but that too has come to pass.

I will do the best I can do with what I have to do with.

Go cut your own grass and leave this to me.

My thanks go out to my many supportive friends.

Emery Bittmann, Gloucester City

Cedar Grove Cemetery

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