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Gloucester City News Headlines for May 7th


By Bill Cleary

CHEER-The 9th annual Kids Fishing Derby was held in April at Martins Lake Notebook_and_pen in Gloucester City. Watching the kids eyes light up when they hook a fish makes the day so special. Over a hundred participated. Thank you to the members of the Lake Association and others who volunteer their time to make this event a huge success.

JEER-To the judge (s) that left a 16- year- old punk loose on the residents of this city. This juvenile delinquent was arrested on April 4 and again on April 16. He is a suspect in the recent rash of car burglaries. On April 16 he had in his possession, according to the crime report, a stolen .22 caliber handgun, (2) rounds of .22 caliber ammunition and 4 stolen cell phones.

CHEER-The borough of Brooklawn unveiled a new website recently. Very informative, attractive and it is easy to navigate. Kudos to the web designer and to the governing body for keeping the public informed.

CHEER-To the group of people that put the Gloucester City Farmers Market together. This might be the best idea coming out of our community in a long long time. Some of those involved helping with the project include: Kelly Erlink, Mike Stanton, Tisa Batchlor, Bootsie Rebstock, Helen John, The Tedesco’s, The Hastings, Tom Monahan (of Max’s), the Gloucester City Cultural Society, mayor and council, the City UEZ, Housing, Public Works, and the Business Association. Incidentally the Market opens this Sunday May 10 at Proprietors Park.

CHEER-To the Mount Ephraim Borough workers for keeping the parks and ball fields mowed and clean for the families of our town.  Sometimes people think they only do trash pickup and recycling but they have a lot of other duties that people know nothing about.  They really are a great bunch of guys and they deserve a pat on the back.

CHEER To Chief Dobleman and the entire Mount Ephraim Police Department for always doing a great job above and beyond.  It's almost a guarantee that any day you go out on the road you see them patrolling the streets or watching over the businesses.  We would especially like to thank them for being at the schools in the morning and in the afternoon when they can, to protect the children.  Thank you all. 

JEER-The swine flu is coming. Once again the media latches on to a story and blows it out of portion just to scare everyone. Not too long ago the nightly news and newspapers were screaming about the number of people who were going to die from the 2006 avian flu. Don Gainor (Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow) writes, “That’s what you need to be thinking about every time you look at the news stories about swine flu. Is this a national crisis? Not hardly. The United States is remarkably well-prepared with stockpiles of the drug Tamiflu just for such an emergency. You can credit the president who made that happen – George W. Bush – but you can bet the media won’t.”

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