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Gloucester City Caucus Meeting Agenda

Caucus Meeting of the010308_2209_GloucesterC1

Mayor and Common Council of Gloucester City

Thursday, May 21, 2009 7:00 P.M.

313 Monmouth Street


1. Call to Order:

2. Pledge of Allegiance:

3. Roll Call:

4. Sunshine Law: This meeting is being held in conformance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act, otherwise known as the “Sunshine Law”. It has been legally noticed in accordance with the law and copies have been given to those requesting the same.

5. Public Comment Period: The Governing Body, in accordance with P.L. 2002, c. 80, have adopted the following guidelines relative to the Public Comment Period (PCP) at Caucus, Worksession, Special and Emergency Meetings of the Mayor and Common Council of Gloucester City: The PCP shall occur at the beginning of each meeting; it shall be no longer than one half-hour in length; every person wishing to speak may do so once during the period for no longer than five minutes. No changes have been made for the PCP of the regular monthly meetings.

6. Minutes of the Previous Meeting(s):

7. Reports: I. Committees of Council:

a) Celebrations

b) Finance & Administration

c) Fire

d) Housing

e) Licensing

f) Police

g) Public Works

8. Licenses: - a) Doc & Joe’s – extension of licensed premises – 8/29/09

b) O’Donnell’s Restaurant transfer – pending on Tax Clearance Certificate.

c) Irish Sweepstakes needs license; application and instruction provided

9. Resolutions:

R133 Awarding a Contract to Triad Associates for Extraordinary Unspecifiable Services (Transportation Enhancement Program Application)

R134 Authorizing Disposal of City-owned Equipment

R135 Resolution Authorizing Permit For Public Fireworks Display

R136 Resolution Designating 2009 Salary For UEZ Coordinator/Director Of Community Development Serving In A Title With A Salary Range

10. Ordinances: for second reading and public hearing to be held on Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 8:00 P.M at the City Hall:

O16 Establishing Anti-Graffiti Measures

O17 Amending Redevelopment Plan: Block 256, Lot 1 (Unnecessary, plan adopted included uses; no further action needed)

O18 Amending Chapter 87, Article III, §87-16 of the Code of Gloucester City entitled Fifteen Minute Parking

O19 Amending Chapter 87 Of The Code Of Gloucester City Entitled Vehicle And Traffic, Section §87-9.1 Regarding “All Way Stop Intersections”

11. Old Business:

a) Handicapped parking space request - 609 Ridgeway Street & 601 Ridgeway Street

12. New Business:

a) Handicapped parking space request – 512 Ridgeway Street

b) Direct Petition Received for Special Election for Change of Government

13. Communications:

a) GCHA – Appointment of Commissioner

b) CCMJIF – Sustainable Energy Meeting

c) 2009 Camden County Summer JOBS Program

14. Round Table:

15. Executive Session: Fire Dept. Personnel

16. Adjournment

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