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What Kind of Business Do We Need in Gloucester City?


  I first want to say, that I frequent your website and think you do a great job. 073107_1327_LettersBell1 I have a question that maybe you can help me with?

I am located in town within the UEZ, and would like to open a business. I have a couple of ideas, but, would like to know what the people in town could use? If you could, possible put a poll on the website asking the citizens of Gloucester, what type of business they would like to see open in town that they currently don't have, or would like to see open.

I would like to get to feel of the community and see what they think. Or if you have any suggestions or ideas, please forward them to me. I am open to all suggestions and want to help Gloucester City return to a thriving metropolis.

Thanks for your help,
Bob Busarello Jr.

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