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Philly Area Comics Creators Raise Money for Police Survivors Fund


Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad

Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad

PRLog (Press Release) – PHILADELPHIA, PA - Area comic creators, Lisa Fary and John Dallaire, are devoting their latest comic effort, Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad, to raising money for Philadelphia’s Fraternal Order of Police survivors fund.

Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad is a science fiction comic that takes place in a police squad room. Grey Squad is competing in Zuda, DC Comics’ online competition (LINK:, from April 6th through April 30th. The winner is selected via reader votes over the course of the competition. For every vote and comment that Grey Squad earns, Fary and Dallaire will donate twenty-five cents to the Philadelphia police survivors fund. They know it doesn’t sound like much, but they are hoping to raise $1000 for the survivors fund.

Fary previously lived in Philadelphia in the late 1990s as a member of AmeriCorps and Dallaire was stationed at the Navy Yard in the 1980s. After years away, Fary and Dallaire relocated to Philadelphia last summer. The couple learned that the local police had lost several officers in the year prior, putting the FOP survivors fund, which aids the families of slain police officers, under strain. This, in conjunction with the recent nationwide rash of officer deaths, inspired the pair to not only raise money for the Philadelphia survivors fund, but also to raise awareness of similar programs across the country.

“We’re putting a lot of effort into promoting Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad,” Fary said. “Of course we’d like to win, but regardless of Grey Squad’s performance in DC’s competition, we’d like the effort to go toward something meaningful and benefit something greater than ourselves.”
“Readers can vote for Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad and know that they’re not just lining the pockets of DC Comics. They’re helping contribute to a good cause,” Dallaire said.

Readers will also have the opportunity to get a good meal. As a thank you to readers who vote for Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad and add to the survivors fund, Fary and Dallaire will randomly choose two winners from among the comments to receive one of two prizes: a $25 gift certificate from either Pat’s or Geno’s in South Philadelphia.

Fary said it’s also their hope that readers will be inspired to take a look at their own communities and take some small action because “a thousand people each doing something small adds up to something big.”

“Fallen officers give their lives serving the public good,” Fary said. “It’s unconscionable not to lend support to their survivors.”
About Zuda

Zuda is open for comic creators to submit their own eight page comics for competition. Ten comics are selected to compete each month. Readers vote for their favorite and the winner receives a contract to continue their comic for a full season, which is comprised of an additional fifty-two pages. When the contract is filled, if the comic has had a successful season, it can be renewed.

About Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad
Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad is a science fiction police comic inspired by Barney Miller and Serpico, set in an intergalactic police station. The comic tells the story of Detective Janet Moore, the newest - and youngest - addition to a famously peaceful precinct where cops go to countdown the days until retirement. While Moore adjusts to her new assignment, she uncovers a web of corruption that threatens the entire department.  

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