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Do The parents of Athletic Children Understand the Word Volunteer?

 By Step UP

Volunteer3 The Gloucester City Mustangs, Gloucester City Girls Softball, Gloucester City Soccer, Carmen Palmeiro Basketball League and Gloucester Little League rely on the efforts of volunteers.

These organizations charge a fee to participate, and to a few people the fee charged may seem high, but when you investigate the cost to participate in other communities you have to wonder how Gloucester Athletics can be so reasonable.

Look at your son or daughter’s uniform and you will see a name of a business or group on the front. It may be considered advertising to some people but how many of you have made

an effort to either support or even give thanks to these sponsors. Many sponsors donate to these Leagues even during these difficult times to help offset the cost each athlete pays to participate. During the past year many of these contributors have made an extra effort to support the Gloucester City Little League during last year’s financial difficulties.

Each league has volunteers who go out and solicit these sponsors. The same volunteer’s walk the City of Gloucester twice to collect envelopes as another way to help offset your child’s registration. Along with these collection efforts, these same members prepared four baseball fields for use while helping your child learn the game of baseball.

Gloucester City Little League also had members  man several corners on a Friday evening hoping to obtain additional funds which again indirectly reduced the cost of your child registration.

Volunteer members of the leagues of Gloucester City understand the commitment which it takes to instruct your child in his or hers athletic endeavors. Not only are they visible on the field they are also home contacting a disgruntled parent or calling about practice. Then according to the League, each of these volunteers have to attend a meeting, maybe weekly, monthly or some other period. Still the parents who look at their son or daughters coaches fail to understand that as a parent you can also VOLUNTEER without being a member.

Parents can stop by the fields and help these men tend to the field. They can offer to help clean around the fields after each game. Parents can offer to help each player’s manager rake the field after a game, or maybe work the concession stand.

The money made in the Little League concession stands helped keep the bills current when the Little League ran into a financial crisis last year. On Saturday the opening of the Gloucester City LittIe League the same family over the past years worked the stand for over 12 hours while their son or brother played. This was after being told that the team parents responsible for that day did not want to work the stand.

It is a responsibility of all parents to help other volunteers when it benefits his or her, son or daughter. It is time for the parents who want what is best for the children of Gloucester step up a volunteer. The City needs only one or two hours a YEAR from you to make this a better community. Let us all stop waiting for someone else to do the work. Ask a member or league official how you can help, volunteering can be contagious and can only benefit your child.

Let us all work together. Volunteer now instead of waiting for someone else to step us. Don’t accept the answer “Oh, someone else will do it” maybe, the someone else won’t.

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