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By Sara Martino

NEWS Correspondent

WESTVILLE NJ-Members of the Environmental Commission proposed the establishment of a community bird and butterfly garden in Thomas West Park.

During the April 8 meeting of Westville Borough Council, Virginia Horn explained that in addition to the garden, which will help the environment by allowing the bees to further pollinate other grounds, a rain garden in the same area would collect water.

“Good use of the run-off can help filter pollutants and allow about 30 percent more water to seep into the soil,” Horn said.

The commission also suggested the use of plant life around the lake area.

“Ducks usually do not come out off the water if they cannot see the land when the plants are blocking their view,” Horn said.

Grant monies received by the commission will be used and the Public Works Department will assist in the environmental project.

Correspondence from the State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) stated that a 2009 Clean Communities entitlement of $5,696.26 was granted to the borough.

More wooden dogs are to be placed in the park and at the ball fields in order to replace ones that were stolen or vandalized.

The dog silhouettes were being used to fend off geese from landing on the fields.

In other business, an ordinance was approved to exceed the municipal appropriations limits and to establish a cap bank.

“Right now we are at the cap limit of a 3.5 percent increase. If we go over the limit, it does not necessarily mean a tax increase,” Borough Administrator William Bittner said.

“We can bank whatever monies that do not exceed the limit. A cap bank is used every year,” he said.

Council reviewed a proposal by T-Mobile for lease of tower space on Borough property to install cellular antennae.

John Alice, borough solicitor, suggested the borough take advantage of the proposal.

Council members agreed, and plan to set aside any monies from T-Mobile to purchase additional lights at the playing fields.

Mayor Russell Welsh cautioned local civic organizations to conform to state regulations concerning use of raffles as a means of fund raising.

Approval was given to the Westville Women’s Club to conduct a raffle if everything was in order.

“The state is cracking down on different raffles. It was just reported in the newspaper that bowling alleys were cited for not having the correct application for various 50-50’s and raffles,” Welsh said.

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