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Welcome Signs Need some TLC


By Bill Cleary

I received a TIP/complaint the other day about the conditions of some of the Gloucester City Welcome Signs that greet visitors to our City.

The individual wrote,  “I was wondering if you could post a message about the GC Welcome Planters around our city. It would be nice if they were cleaned up. P1040848 The one near the border of Brooklawn and Gloucester City on Broadway (above) is overgrown with weeds.  The sign near the high school on Market Street (left) is  also over run with weeds. The one off of Rt 42 at Market Street still has dried out mums in it from last November. These signs are the first thing people see entering our community/neighborhoods and it would be nice to set a great first impression”.

The seven welcome signs were put into place in  2007  by the contractor hired to do the job, Astro Outdoor Advertising of Glassboro. The cost for each was $1,759 for a total of $12,313. The arrangement at the time called for the signs being paid for by various local businesses and maintained by local organizations. There was no tax dollars used to purchase them.

I would have to agree with the Tipster; some of the flower beds under the signs are in need of some TLC (tender loving care). Hopefully now that this has been pointed out the organizations responsible for maintaining them will take a day to weed and plant some flowers.  If someone would let me know when the new plants are in the ground I will go back and take a picture to show everyone how nice they look.

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