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Business Owner Denied Request to Refurbish Property; Site Plan Missing

By Linda Boker-Angelo

NEWS Correspondent

The Gloucester City Planning Board last week denied an application for a minor site plan waiver submitted by Tom Michaels, owner of Yankee Pest Control.

This was Michaels’ third time before the Board to seek approval for plans to refurbish his South Broadway property, which was formerly the Celtic Tavern.

Board Engineer Norman Rodgers, of Consulting Engineer Services, said that Michaels did not submit enough information regarding his plans, adding that a site plan would definitely need to be submitted.

Michaels had first appeared before the Board in 2003, requesting permission to park a mobile storage unit on the property and to make various improvements to the building.

Michaels’ application was denied at that time. Subsequent boundary discrepancies in the legal descriptions of both Michaels’ property and the neighboring property caused the business owner further delays and expense.

Michaels said he originally paid approximately $40,000 for the property, and has since invested about $100,000.

Jessie Hagan, acting on behalf of her mother who owns the property next to Michaels, offered some in-formation about the boundary line issue which was supplied by the surveyor who is revising the legal descriptions for both properties.

Board Chairman Daniel Spencer suggested that Michaels take advantage of workshops now offered by Rodgers and Board Planner Larry Waetzman so that in the future he can be better prepared and the process can theoretically move more smoothly for him.

Michaels said he felt all issues will be worked out.

The Board approved improvements and/or repairs for several homes in the City’s Historic District.

Requests were granted for work on the following Historic properties: 100 block of Middlesex Street, emergency roof repair; 200 block of Jersey Avenue, installation of six-foot shadowbox-style fence and trash receptacle enclosure; 200 block of Cumberland Street, removal and replacement of vinyl siding; and 200 block of Monmouth Street, emergency roof repair and scraping and painting of porch ceiling.

An application submitted by Jonathan Seibert requesting a use variance for the property located on the 100 block of North Broadway was not heard due to Seibert’s absence.

The Board approved a continuance of the application until next month.

The Board also approved a motion recommending that Mayor and Council approve an ordinance adopting a redevelopment plan for the property containing the Chatham Square Apartments.

The proposed plan calls for the 100-unit apartment complex to be renovated and converted to 50 town homes.

The Board will meet again at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 20, in City Hall, 313 Monmouth St.

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