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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Every year as summer approaches, I am reminded of the benefits of living in a small town like Brooklawn. As we move many of our everyday activities outdoors and reconnect with our neighbors at the Memorial Day and Fourth of July events, I am grateful to live in a town that offers a sense of community and common purpose that can often be lost in larger towns.

I have been working with the borough council and all other municipal officials to ensure that the high quality of life that we have come to expect in our town in maintained. With the help of planning and zoning professionals, your elected representatives

on council have established a body of ordinances designed to keep Brooklawn a beautiful and safe place to live, work and raise of families. We believe our municipal code acknowledges the rights of all residents and business owners to enjoy the use of their property with minimal interference from the borough, while protecting the rights of their neighbors from behavior and practices that detract from our common purpose of maintaining a high quality of life in town. Because we are a small town with limited space, each resident can have a profound effect, whether positive or negative, on all other residents in Brooklawn.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the borough code to make sure you are complying with the provisions governing property upkeep, storage and parking of large vehicles and machinery, placement of signs, etc.  You can find the code on our website at You can also call the borough at any time during business hours with questions regarding the code. If you find that you are violating a provision of the code, please take remedial steps immediately. If complying with the code will cause you undue hardship, please call the borough and explain your hardship. We will work with you to come up with a solution that is fair to you and your neighbors.

Please do not wait until you have been cited for a code violation before you take steps to comply or plead your case for hardship. I have instructed our code enforcement officials to be especially aggressive in detecting and reporting violations. We will work with residents and business owners who cooperate in good faith to comply with the code; but the code applies equally to all and we believe that strict enforcement is the best way to ensure that Brooklawn remains a safe, healthy and beautiful place to live.

I look forward to seeing you all at our Fourth of July celebration.

Very truly yours,

John Soubasis,  Mayor of Brooklawn

Greg Gilbert, Councilman - Code Enforcement Chairman

Captain Steven R. Saymon - Code Enforcement Coordinator

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