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BELLMAWR NJ-I found an interesting book called Free Lunch

012208_0126_GloucesterC1 Bass Pro Shops is mentioned in the book as one of the  companies that take advantage of  towns eager for a big store to move in-- but often doesn’t pay for land or pay property taxs etc.

 I thought it was interesting because Bass Pro Shops is the anchor mentioned in the Bellmawr dump project, although I don’t think they have signed any paperwork last I heard.

After enduring a year of dump trucks and water trucks in town, most residents will probably glad to see anything get built on the big pile of soil that is the Bellmawr dump/ecological center. But hopefully the people that run the town  (Bellmawr) are smart enough not to get fleeced.

The developers of stores like Bass Pro or Walmart hold all the cards and are often a drain on the town.
 When they are built, the stores use a lot of resources (traffic, police) etc.

 I passed a big complex in Moorestown yesterday just made of athletic fields and trails for biking and walking. To me that would be a better use of the land for the quality of life of the residents since there is so little open space.

At least worth thinking about.


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