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Gloucester City Resident Honored for Saving A Life
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By Bill Cleary

CHEER-In true Gloucester City spirit 116 pints of blood were Notebook_and_pen donated in all at the Evan Goldglantz blood drive sponsored by the Gloucester City Board of Health and the American Red Cross this month. Thank you to all those that participated.

JEER- I witnessed another car make a left hand turn from Market Street into traffic on Route #130 south. This is the third time this year that I have seen this happen. The NO LEFT turn has to be more clearly marked. Bigger signs or flashing lights might help. Two times they were entering the motel parking lot. Maybe someone will have to die, before something is done, hope not.  ~John Hindsley

CHEER-Alice Costello School seventh graders Gabryelle Doherty and Sydney Weichmann took it upon themselves to find a creative way to raise money to directly benefit cancer patients who are treated at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).  Gabryelle and Sydney created Purses 4 Patients, a project where the girls collect and recycle juice pouches and sew them together into fashionable purses. Since its inception Purses 4 Patients has raised over $7,000 by selling hundreds of purses.

CHEER-Twelve players were suspended from the Rowan baseball team for underage drinking, and instead of a press release, Rowan chose silence. It was great journalism – in a Division III school, sometimes these things get let go, but it is a journalist’s job to get information out there. Good job Cody!

JEER-How about a big Jeer to the Gloucester City Housing Inspectors. My neighbor put in plans for an addition on to his house and hasn’t heard a thing from them in months and now he has a for sale sign on his front lawn. They are good people and this city is going to lose them. Thanks Gloucester City Housing! ~ For Sale Sign

CHEER-To whoever is responsible for the beautiful new facade of the Gloucester Heights Fire Hall. It is very attractive by day, and by night with the new lighting. Great job!

JEER-In regards to the scooters the police are riding around town on, that purchase was, again, done by your lovely mayor and council. The police dept. wanted to buy hybrid cars to "go green". Mayor and council thought better of that and purchased these little beauties to do nothing else but take up space. Considering all of the needless spending and fiscal mismanagement by this current administration, this purchase is right in line. But hey, let’s keep fightin' the good fight. Give us a break!!!!! ~Paul Kay

CHEER-Anna Reddy, of Gloucester City, celebrated her 90th birthday on February 27th.  Mrs. Reddy is a lifelong resident of Gloucester City and a retired cafeteria worker from Mary Ethel Costello School.  She is the proud mother of 7; proud grandmother of 10 and proud great-grandmother of 10.

JEER-To those coaches and parents who take the attitude that you must win no matter how you obtain that goal even if you have to cheat to do it. For example a football coach lies about how much a player weighs. The parent knows about it and approves of the deception. To those who knew about the Mustang Coach and parent who did this and never said anything; shame on you.

CHEER: To the new Gloucester City Parking Enforcement Officer for driving the wrong way down a one-way street while ticketing illegally parked cars. Way to show ‘em there’s a new sheriff in town.  ~Dr. Joe Joiner

JEER-A big Jeer to the vandals that continue to egg houses and break windows in the area of Washington and Little Somerset Streets. This is an ongoing problem. Jeers to their parents as well for letting their children roam the streets and get into trouble.

CHEER-A long overdue cheer to the Firemen/EMS workers who installed fire detectors in homes during the summer.  They put three in my home for me and I appreciate their work tremendously. an

Contributors this month, Paula Conroy, Theresa Gorman, Carolyn Suess, Dr. Joe Joiner, John Hindsley, Donna (Hall) Lacovara, Paul Kay

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