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Lawsuit Filed Against Gloucester City for Violation of OPRA

By Bill Cleary

06-20 Lawsuit Several weeks ago John Paff filed an OPRA request with Paul Kain, custodian of records for the City of Gloucester City requesting a number of documents (see here).
In a recent interview Paff said that request was not handled properly as such he filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, March 25 against the City of Gloucester City to obtain those documents.

According to Paff Gloucester City (“Gloucester”) has violated the Open Public Records Act (“OPRA”) in four respects:

  •  (1) Gloucester has denied Mr. Paff access to specific emails requested by him;
  •  (2) Gloucester has attempted to charge Mr. Paff a copying charge for documents that were emailed to Mr. Paff;
  • (3) Gloucester has redacted certain documents without giving the specific, legal basis for those redactions; and
  •  (4) Gloucester’s OPRA request form omits information that is required by OPRA.

Paff is Chairman of the New Jersey Libertarian Party's Open Government Advocacy Project. He is being represented by  attorney Walter M. Luers, LLC of Oxford, New Jersey.  The lawsuit was filed on March 25, 2009. To read the entire Paff document click link


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